Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Sexperiment 2011 - I'm a smooth operator

I am 38.

My body has an incredible desire to start the peri-menopausal dance and be on the early bird side of this phase of life.

Therefore, lube is my friend.

However, it is also a vital asset when you certainly don't mind handing yourself over as a gift on an emotional level, but physically ... well, you are just not quite there.

I am thrifty, and simply don't want to spend $10-$18 a pop if I'm not positive I'm going to LOVE the product. On that note, let me make a couple of suggestions, beyond all the KY product pimping I have done in previous years.

First, look for sample packs. There are plenty of web sites out there who provide them. If you have a favorite place where you purchase items for your Love Shack, simply find their search box on the main site page and type in "sampler" or "lube sample pack." has a Lube Sampler which has seven different one-time use packets for just $6. If you do not see samples for a product that has caught your eye, then contact the actual manufacturer and ask if they have one they can send you. They want you to buy their product, and the best way to encourage this is to let you give it a test run!

My personal favorite we discovered this year was the Synergy Hybrid. It is water-based (and cleans up like a water-based product), but has enough silicone to last 7x longer than a regular water-based lubrication. Thus, it being a hybrid. Not to mention, a very, very little goes a really long way!

There is also a "Cool Tingle" option that is extremely minty fresh. For us, it was a little too on the, er, tingly side. However, you can decide for yourself because ... wait for it ... you can try it for free.

You are welcome!

(photo by Trigg Laboratories)


Sarah Crichley said...

Isn't it funny how you can fall in love with some friend when you were 7 and even though you're hundreds of miles apart and haven't seen each other in like a million still love her to pieces....I so needed that bit of advise....thanks Christine....;)

Christine said...

Sarah, you are one of my earliest best friends in life! I still have a sweet picture of us with some other girls, and it makes my heart smile every time I look at it.

We will see each other again one of these days.

And we will probably talk about lube. LOL

Elizabeth @ My Life, Such as it is... said...

Just sent off for my sample. Since my hysterectamy (sp??) over a year ago I need some *ahem* help once in awhile. Hubby doesn't like to admit he can't "get me there" but has finally come around. I keep telling Hubby it has absolutely nothing to do with him but his male ego gets in the way occasionally.

Shonda said...
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Shonda said...

Tried to be anonymous but it didn't happen.

Sarah Crichley said...

Well maybe we can talk about other things....LOL....And we for sure won't talk about THAT STUFF (;) if my parents are with me....HAHAHAHAH

Christine said...

Shonda ... I mean "Ms. X" ... I will be talking vibrators next week. Better than nothin'! ;)

Sarah, I concur. We will NOT be talking about that anywhere in the same zip code with either set of parents.

lana said...

wooo hooo! I seriously stood in front of all these in Walgreens the other day thinking, "I have NO idea which one to get"
Sample on its way!

Kathleen said...

Coconut oil. Seriously. You will love it. It feels, smells, and tastes great, is all natural, and helps prevent yeast infections.

Obviously, don't use it with condoms if trying to prevent pregnancy.

Nathaniel said...

I was just about to leave a comment saying coconut oil. Seriously. Try it. a.m.a.z.i.n.g!!!

Nathaniel said...

(and I'm posting under my husband's account to try and retain some sort of anonymity...) ;)

Ali said...

I third the coconut oil!! I was just gonna rave about it's anti fungal properties when I saw it has already been mentioned. It's such a useful product! African American hair and skin, cooking, and lube! :)

Away2me (Deanna) said...

I so thought you were going to tell us how to make our own perfect all-natural lube. ROFL!

Ha, then I read your comments and find out about coconut oil!

MaDEarth said...

YES! Girls! Coconut oil. Extra Virgin if you want to smell like a coconut. Expeller pressed if you don't. No nasty ingredients and it's GOOD for you! :o)

dueling mindsets said...

coconut baby! and Almond oil isn't so bad either, though I add "feelin frisky" essential oil to it.

And aside from that, I don't think I have ever said to my husband that we needed lotion for vaginal sex, if I knew something was up or noticed, I would just go to the bathroom first, add whatever myself, and then let the husband think he was awesome hehehe

OK and OMG I never thought I could publicly tell this story, but geez you have just made it so easy Christine!
So a few months ago my husband and I were bein all crazy and I said "go get some lotion". I was drunkish and didn't notice the different smell. Anyway, lights camera morning I get up and stumble to the bathroom and I have dark brown handprints all over my body...quickly followed by my husband who had black hands. Not brown, my white hubby was blacker than my biracial neice that day! We had used an almost entire bottle of Fake Bake!!!! By the way, that stuff, much to my dismay, works really really good!