Monday, February 07, 2011

Sexperiment 2011

Brace yourselves guys and gals. It's time to get your groove on for all that is the

Anyone else super excited?

Or do you already feel a yeast infection coming on?

No? Good. Here we go.

The Sexperiment started two years ago after Ed Young, Jr. was talking smack about he and the Mrs. getting their groove on for a week straight and encouraging their congregation to do the same. The Reverend, however, did not reignite this wonderment year after year.

Enter: Christine.

The challenge at its most basic is to have sex seven days in a row at some point in February. It is also a flexible process. Perhaps you have never had sex TWO days in a row, and would prefer to start there. Grand. Do that. Or maybe you have a rotating repertoire of three positions and would like to try out seven new positions SOMETIME during the month of February. That works, too! It may even be that you have never owned a sex toy of any kind, but you have been curious. This might be the month to just try something new with the love of your life.

I will be sprinkling lots of ideas and advice along the way as the month carries on. Little bits of encouragement. Cheers for your success. But today, sit down and say to yourself, "What can I do to purposefully be more sexual this month?" Then sit down with your red hot lover and get them on board.

Then set a goal.

Then write it down.

Then do it. ;)

*leading by example, the Mr. and I are making this our week - wish us luck!*


Cathy Givans said...

I ALWAYS love the month of Feb. on your blog! ;)

Kerrie said...

I explained this to Josh and asked if he was up for it. He said, and I quote, "you know how it is. You can MAKE my up for anything you're up for."

And there it is.

Kathleen said...

If I tell my husband about this.... you can be sure that every calendar in our house will show 12 months of February.

Jenn said...

Hubs is deployed. Boo. Will file ideas away for six months or so from now....

Also, my captcha is "sureflou"....

CORoots said...

I'm so in!

Jenn~ I think you could still make this work and really include him as well. You could maybe spend time with yourself and then write him a letter about it. For seven days. If I were in war, I'd be blissful about getting lovemaking letters for a week straight from my hubby! Woo, woo!!


Christine said...

Kerrie, that's a dude if I ever heard of one! LOL

Jenn, I'm guessing he doesn't get to phone home AND be alone ... so phone sex is probably out. :(

Mean Mama said...

I wanna play too... oh wait, I am single and my last date was over 6 years ago. I don't think it would be a good idea to participate. But I can dream.

Mandy said...

Jenn - that totally sucks... but I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for your family's sacrifice!!

Love this post.. woo hoo! I tell ya... after what we deal with with these crazy yunginns.. I feel like dh and I deserve wild and crazy sex as often as we can. lol I'll take on that 7 days straight challenge!

Tamara said...

We have done this and lasted even longer than a was a GREAT time in our marriage emotionally, not just physically! Hmmm...I think I feel a challenge acceptance coming on!! :)

Anonymous said...

We had a newborn placed in our home in July. Because of her needs, we took turns sleeping on a bed in her room for the next six months. We may have gotten our groove on twice in that six months. and since she's been gone, we've gotten out of the habit. Welcome February!!! So, I told the hubs about this challenge and he is all about it. He says we have six months to make up for... ha! And, he's already taken it upon himself to schedule a date night for this Friday! I think this will be a good start ;)

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Oh! I remember this challenge from last year!

Lisa W. said...

Today is day 5 of 7 for us and we're off to a great start, but last night my husband said, "What if we just keep this up for the whole month of February?" Hmmm... we might just have to try it.

Hannah_Rae said...

Oh, I so want to be in.



NeeCee said...

We participated last year and my husband has been counting down the days until it was time for the challenge again. He was ubberly happy when I told him it started Monday.....then I got sick. We are going to have to postpone until I'm no longer croupy. Better late than never.

Marcy said...

I am IN! We are the classic boring couple...I have "Aunt Flo" around right now, but that doesn't last forever...then we are ON baby! I'm pretty sure my hubby will NOT argue. LOL! We've had sick kids for a month and sleeping separately to deal with nightime wakings for at least two weeks. It is so time to break that nasty little run of separation!

Blessed said...

Wow, you are all a bunch of happy wives. It is great to read all these positive comments--good for you all. I am personally not able to go there. But don't get me wrong, my husband has been gettin' it every 2-4 days, no matter what's going on with me. But that last part is the kicker, of course--that it feels like in my marriage that it doesn't matter what's going on with me. So for years now sex generally makes me feel used and unloved--not good.

My husband is a good guy, but has been in a spiritual and emotional desert for a long time. So he really can't hear my feelings, my needs, and so for a very, very long time I have been sucking it up and keeping on, no matter what is wounded inside.

I have tried to let us both off the hook and turn to Jesus for my emotional needs--only He truly accepts me, loves me unconditionally, believes in me, cherishes me, protects me. Really, no human can do it perfectly, so I can't blame my husband for that. : ) And there have even been times in bed I have been doing it for Jesus. ; ) God is Good, and I know He is going to bring me and my husband out of this, restore my heart, re-establish our bond, give us a vision for our marriage and use us in some way for His glory. And make our sex life amazing. But we are not there yet. And right now, this week, I just can't bear to make myself so vulnerable.

I have been reading your blog off and on for a while, and I know you are all about celebrating GOOD and encouraging others. AWESOME. But I also know you are about keeping it real. So I am so glad you made this post, to put something positive out there. But maybe all of you women with great sex lives and emotionally safe marriages could pray for those who are struggling this week. ; )

Christine said...

Blessed, you definitely need to read more of my blog!!! LOL

I come from a long history of sexual desert. Check out all the posts on "sex" and "my hot bald dude."

Sending love to you, because it's really hard when you are the one treading water. Keep reaching out for help, and I hope he gets to a point where he will meet you in the middle ... or at least take a step toward you.


Blessed said...

Thanks, Christine--I will! : )

Blessed said...

Ok, Christine, thought you would be glad to know--read through all your sex posts and realized you HAVE been in this place and DO know what I am feeling (or have felt something similar) and STILL are doing this all out. I was bawling after about the third post--ja think God was tugging at my heart just a little?

Okay then.

Now on "day 2."

Already amazing what God is doing in my heart through this.

So, thank you! : )

Christine said...

Okay, now I'M crying.


Elizabeth @ My Life, Such as it is... said...

Hubby is finally over his Man Cold that he seems to get every stinking Feb. Day #1 was last night. Due to his 2 jobs our free time during the week is during the day - a totally different kinda challenge for me. Gonna head into his office to see if he's ready for a lunch break!

Plum said...

Ok, we're in. And that's as detailed as I'm gonna get. ;)
Thanks for the prompting!