Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The sun'll come out - Orlando!

In one week I will be packing for Orlando. My family will drop me off at a hotel so I can catch my plane the following morning at the crack of dawn.

I will not return until the FOLLOWING TUESDAY!

Uh huh. That just doesn't seem real. Six nights away. I have not done anything remotely close to that in five years.

Of course, I am also hitting panic mode. There are plenty of little things to fret over (because I am one to "fret" and actually use the word "fret" *cough*), like making sure my kids have done their laundry and have clean underwear for the days they visit Grandma. But then there are the bigger things. The REALLY important things. Like:

- There will be a pool at our house. Don't forget to shave, don't forget to shave, don't forget to shave, don't forget to shave.

- I'm running in the highly acclaimed and organized fun little 5K while we are there. I keep dreaming that I leave my Five Fingers at home and end up running in flip flops.

- There is always such a balance between enjoying a beverage on the plane and not having to go to the bathroom 40 times. Can't have my cake and eat it, too.

- A lot of these gals have seen pics of my face and actually get to watch videos of me. They know my voice and my quirks. Lucky skunks. I need name tags. Or could all of you just send me a video of yourself sometime in the next week? That would be great. Thanks.

- What am I gonna' forget? I always forget something. Let's start placing bets now.

One week. One week. One week. One week!

(photo by someone who was smart enough to not jump into the pool which had mistakenly not been heated)


alicia said...

You are going to forget me. And that is the worst thing ever.

Unknown said...

Yes, that is exactly what I'll do.

And I did not write and rewrite this post with one more bullet point that discussed the swift kick to the gut it's going to be to return home only to send you off the next day.

That's another Debbie Downer post for another day.

The Lundy 5 said...

You can tell me all about Alicia so you don't forget her. And I need to find a sticky note, so I don't forget to shave!

Anonymous said...

Ok. Can you talk to me about your 5 fingers??? Do you run in them? I am considering buying a pair!

Have a great time!

Don't forget to shave.

And if you remember your undies and tooth brush you will be fine.

Unknown said...

I ONLY run in my 5F's. I doubt I'll ever run in a "regular" running shoe again.

Kellie said...

don't forget your Diva cup.
and umm... it's possible that I was the smart one who did NOT jump into the unheated pool and took the photo.... with Laura's fancy camera, of course.


Kerry said...
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Gallivant Family said...

Did you say UN heated pool? What the heck is that?

I'm so jealous that you are going to be away for 6 days. I'm only coming over for the day, not even an overnight. Waaa waaa waaa. Could I please have some cheese with my wine?

And why not shove Alicia into a handbag?

February 23, 2011 3:17 PM

Elizabeth @ My Life, Such as it is... said...

Don't forget your razor if you are going to have to remember to shave. :)

Anonymous said...

I am SO SO SO excited.

You will know it's me. Cuz I am gonna make out with you. ;) said...

I have no videos but there are pictures on crackbook, we are in the home, all I have to do is pack and ummm oh yeah tell my kids!

Unknown said...

I totally wish I was there so I could look all horrified when you look blankly at my face and try to remember who the heck I am as I look all insulted because you have no idea who is gushing all over you...Such a good time that would be!

And what do you mean unheated??? In Canada all pools are heated. But, it is Florida right? Where the temps are always hot...???

By the way, have a good time without me eventhough you have no clue how much fun it could really be.

Unknown said...

Last year we caught some unusually chilly days in Florida. Like ... wrapped in blankets on the patio having coffee in the morning, chilly.

And there was a mix-up with the housing place and the heater did not get turned on.

And ... brrrrrr!

Not for me, of course. I just stood there and cheered!

Unknown said...

I just wanted to add that, at this point, where I live is pretty much -40 C (with the windchill) and I would probably think the pool was hot even if it was unheated...LOL! Crud, I wish I was in FL right now.

Anonymous said...

I have one very lofty goal before we go, and that is to remember to pluck my eyebrows. Packing is probably important, but the eyebrows.. Jeez, they are overtaking the face.

We will get nametags. Because seriously? 68 women. I am not sure *I* will remember who you are, and I will have slept with you at that point. (Yes, I said it.)

CORoots said...

Alicia~ I'll leave creepy notes written with red lipstick in Christine's house that just say your name. She won't forget you. :-)

Christine~I think I just might wear a name tag. How awesome is that!? Hahahahaha.

Shave??? You're going to shave?

Unknown said...

Trust me on this one ... I'm gonna' have to shave. It was a long winter. ;)