Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Magical Milk Pic-o-the-Week

Written December of 2010: "my daughter was born two weeks early. she had a tiny little mouth, I have enormous breasts, and it took us over 4 months to really get nursing down so that it was easy and more or less effortless. This picture is from the first time she managed to latch on without a nipple shield. it was such an exciting moment I had my husband document it! Now she's almost 8 months old, she's never had a drop of formula, and I am so glad I persevered. Thanks to a good baby carrier she has nursed everywhere; on the bus, while grocery shopping, in the lawyer's office, and even while I was working a trade booth for a friend, before taking a nap in the display crib. I feel lucky because I have been able to do this for her, and because I live in a place where no one has ever suggested I go somewhere else, or even that I should cover up."

(photo by Kimberly, a reader)


Chel said...

I can relate to this picture! My son was born over five weeks early. When I finally was able to try to nurse him I remember thinking how tiny his head was and how enormous my breasts were. It took a while, but he learned to latch and nurse like a champ, for which I'm so grateful!

Jolene said...

I just passed the 1 yr mark with my little one and she is just now at 13 months starting to eat solids and she's nursing less and less...I have loved this past year and so grateful that I too persevered! Good job Kimberly! Now...tell us what carrier you used!?! Thanks!

Erin said...

I love the determined look in the baby's eyes! :)

Sara said...

Great Job Kimberly!! How sweet she is!!

Now, yes, tell us what baby carrier you used :-) I'm due in 7 weeks and would love to know....There are so many different kinds and prices. I would buy one, if I knew it was "the one."


Gloriana said...

I love it when the babe is dwarfed by Momma's breast. It gives the kiddo something to grow into! Much love to all mothers who do their best to nurse.

Kimberly said...

Heh! I use a babyhawk maitei. We still use it, it's still super comfortable, can't recommend it highly enough. I've also nursed her in a beco gemini, though - but it didn't come out until she was about 18 lbs so I don't know how it is with little ones. I've reviewed them both on my blog (amostlygreenmama.blogspot.com)

Tabby will be a year old in a couple weeks and her head is STILL dwarfed by my breasts. She must think she's the luckiest baby ever. *lol*

Christine gave me such a hard time about not having a blog when I commented on a mac post that I went and started one. ;o)