Saturday, March 19, 2011

NOT a boring conference!

I honestly cannot tell you how excited I am to get to Chicago in two weeks.

OH MY COW! The Parenting in Space conference is just two weeks away!

Sometime last fall I received an email from Billy Kaplan, asking if I would speak at a parenting conference for his practice. I, of course, stalked his practice incessantly and learned everything I could about it, and him, to determine if he was legit or simply a slightly psychotic freak head said YES!

Come to find out, Billy Kaplan IS, in fact, a slightly psychotic freak head, but that is what makes him so enduring. He truly cares about children with a history of trauma and the amazing people who parent them. I find that he truly listens to parents. He has that amazing balance of supporting you through the grief and difficulties of therapeutic parenting, while lovingly kicking you in the tookus to keep you going.

Multiply that by all of the other amazing people at House Calls Counseling, and I am unbelievably excited to be surrounded by so much greatness and encouragement.

As with most conferences, people wait to register until the last minute. There is still room, so use it to your advantage. The conference, itself, can't get too large. You will get a LOT of time for Q&A with therapists and other parents.

My other favorite part about this conference is that it is for PARENTS! I love social workers and other professionals. I understand just how difficult and under-appreciated their jobs are. However, I also know what it's like to sit in on a conference and have professionals sitting next to me playing Sudoku just to get through the day to receive their CEU credit. I want to pull my hair out a wee bit when all of the Q&A time gets hogged with lots of logistical paperwork-esque questions ... when all the parents really want to know is, "What, exactly, would the appropriate response be when my child writes their name on the bathroom wall with their own poo?"

So, again ... my other favorite part about this conference is that it is for PARENTS!

You will be meeting other PARENTS!

You will be sitting next to other PARENTS!

You will be filling your speed dial and FaceBook Friends List with other PARENTS!

If money is keeping you from throwing this together in the next two weeks, check out my latest idea on overcoming the financial road block.

Two weeks! WHOOP!


SocialWrkr24/7 said...

I just passed along this info to a dear friend who has two adopted teens - I'm going to keep pestering her until she goes!

Hannah_Rae said...


Gotta get my butt movin' on that support letter.



Eileen said...

All signed up and so looking forward to it. We are so not where so many of you are in this crazy journey, yet, we are not in the place where families without issues are. I thought things were getting better for the kids but ahh, nope they are just getting different.

MrsKish said...

Hi Christine. I would normally email you, however, I'm having difficulties with my computer. (Translation: I don't know how to access your email address. I'm not as computer smart as most individuals these days. :) ) Anyway, would you either post on your blog about biting or email me ( about it. Our 5 year old son has been biting us more and more. He knows it hurts, because his 3 year old cousin occasionally bites him. We're at a complete loss of what to do or where to go from here.

Thank you in advance for any ideas/tips you are able to share with us.

Mrs Kish

Erika said...

I'm still toying with going. I completely agree with you - a conference without feeling the glare of my social worker from across the room when the speaker agrees with me and disagrees with him - well, that would be great.

mamakendall said...

Christine, is this conference for anyone? Does your child have to have a diagnosis from a counselor as a RAD kid? We have only gone twice (pointless times I might add) to a counselor. I think this sounds really good, but I am not sure if it is for "just anyone." I JUST saw this post, so it may be hard to figure out all the details in regards to childcare and all that, but I think it is worth a shot trying!

Christine said...

The Daniel Hughes approach is effective for all kids. In fact, we utilize the principles with our entire crew, trauma or not.