Thursday, April 21, 2011

Down time

Today I am taking some time for me.

I will not apologize.

I will not feel guilty, knowing that if I DON'T - then I will feel very guilty over the person I will become (it only takes a few hours for me to turn into a giant ball of We-Really-Wish-She-Would-Go-Away).

This morning my kids are starting on some of their things, and I will stay right here on my bed. They will fight, and I will probably referee from here ... but I'm not budging for awhile.

I put on my favorite pants.

I put on my favorite black cami from The Buckle, which is now what I like to call "beautifully faded wanna-be black."

I am going to attempt to learn a Ben Lee song on my guitar.

I am not going to clean up the mess around my bed.

I am not going to declutter a room.

I am going to take some Vitamin C and then make a giant cup of coffee.

This morning I am going to take some time for me so I can be better.


J. said...

and you will enjoy every minute of it because if we do not take care of us we are really crappy parents.

Erika said...

Yes! Do it! I used to think that other moms might need to do all that self-care but not me - as I am a superhero. BUT it's NOT TRUE. No one needs refreshing more. I will also share that we had a suicide in our extended family last week - and it was a child - and I went straight into thinking about my own children and their struggles and freaking out that I am not doing enough. I don't think that we can overestimate how much seeing and hearing about that kind of pain can take its toll on those of us mothers who have children with big pains. Giant hug.

Diana said...

I wish I could!! I need to very much. Too much family drama. Too much simmering resentment all the way around (towards me and from me) every time I walk in a room. WAY TOO MUCH coddling and "oh you poor baby" of an incarcerated pervert, and a very stuck kid who would rather be ugly to everyone around him than work on his stuff. My turn is coming in just a few weeks, though. I'm running away!!

BTW, I now have two openings left for the Utah Mom's Retreat. So, if any of you missed Orlando or the euphoria of Orlando has now worn off and you're ready for another retreat, come join us! You can find more info at

Brendazzle* said...

Enjoy your rest time. You deserve it.

JBirch22 said...
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Jamey... said...

Ahh yes, one more thing I will do once I don't have three preschoolers. You enjoy your in home rest and I'll make plans to get me out of the house so I can rest.

Laynie said...

Amen! And is that a full sleeve in progress??

robyncalgary said...

yes yes yes!

Ericka said...

Hope you've had a GOOD Day!!!!!!!!
Good for you chickie!

Mama Drama Times Two said...

How delicious: A day to bask and wallow and relax in bed w/ coffee and computer to recharge your inner batteries. Enjoy!

Ranavan said...

sounds delightful and rejuvenating!

Jess said...

great job taking care of yourself. I linked todays blog to you today. In the recent mess of my life, I have been thankful to have you digitally around. Thank you.