Saturday, April 16, 2011

Show up

"He reminded us for the bazillionth time that if we are faithful to do the day to day things, faithful to stick to the slow work, faithful to show up and try, that the results are not up to us." (Tara Livesay quoting John McHoul)

No need to explain how this applies to therapeutic parenting ... our tribe and community ... marriage ... parenting, in general.


Sunday Koffron Taylor said...

Yes, yes, yes! That is so true but not always to remember, whether it is my kids at home, my kids I coach, the kids who have just passed through or folks in general, my job is to respect who they are at the moment, love em and let them go their own way. That is some hard work, right there! Thanks for the reminder!

Billy said...

When I train psychotherapy interns, I tell them the entirety of being therapeutic is: just show up. ALL of you. Be fully present. At least as often as is possible (75%?).