Sunday, April 10, 2011

We can only, ever, be "good enough"

Have I mentioned that I think he's the bomb diddly (assuming that's still a cool thing to say)?

"Maybe we’ll remember that we can only, ever, be 'good enough.' That part of our practice of being therapeutic means we’ll only aim to hit it 75% of the time. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll forgive ourselves for the other 25%. Maybe we’ll just let it go. Or we’ll encourage the letting-go in each other." - Billy Kaplan


Sarah said...

Oh, I needed this today. Thank you.

Lindsay Mama to Nine said...

This made me cry, and not pretty I might add, but such ringing, honest truth. Needed that this morni'n...babe-girl in re-entering today after two weeks...'Encouraging the letting go in each-other' , that's MAGIC! Thank you Yoda/Billy!!!..Thanks for putting it out there Christine!!!