Monday, June 27, 2011

Beautiful tension

There is this space between the ending of something very special and the beginning of the next something special.

It is a tension.

Many times I feel torn. I have a hard time taking a step away from [seeing a friend, having a unique experience, fill-in-the-blank], but life has taught me over and over again that there is yet another piece of wonderment in front of me if I'll just choose to open my eyes.

You don't want to move too fast, dissolving that delicious feeling of euphoria. Yet, you don't want to dwell too long, missing all things great in front of you.

This is basically just a schmancy way to say:

The end of vacation and leaving dear friends really sucks.


Heidi said...

Missing the chance to see a new friend also really sucks. At least you promised not to have any fun without me...

Anonymous said...

Oh my word!! You keep reading my mind/life!! I am moving across the country...leaving tomorrow morning. All of my family...except my youngest daughter will be staying behind. I am so sad and so excited at the same time. What a mess!! Thanks for everything you write.

Annie said...

Don't I know it? But the only "door" that appears to be opening is work/laundry/housework/work/etc.

Other people are looking forward to things, having new beginnings; I'm just experiencing - "tension" you call it? Hm...I think it feels a lot like dysregulation, frankly. And, to some extent, I'm glad I feel it, because I know how hard it is not to be pissy and crabby and how I'd LOVE to do a little acting out! Helps me understand how my radish feels.