Friday, June 17, 2011

Doing the never done

There is something amazing about doing something you have never done before.

You receive an adrenaline rush as well as a deep, inner confidence beyond what already existed within you.

Sometimes it is a painful process. Sometimes it just takes a level of consistency which requires extra effort. But always - every time - it feels good.

I have been sweetly nudging (read: bugged, cajoled, harassed, cajoled some more, nag, nag, nag ...) my husband to give the Couch to 5K program a try. It is a slow-and-steady approach that landed me at a 5K last year. The same people who created that program are the ones who developed Bridge to 10K - a program which helped me meet that goal this spring.

"I hate running."

"Me too, but this thing actually made me like it."

"But ... I hate running."

*yet another lift of my eyebrows in his direction*

He finally gave it a try. I think he did it just so I would stop bugging him. However, once he got going, he understood. It could get you to a place of actually "doing the never done." Last night, after having only done his longest run of 20 minutes, he decided to join me and his sister for a 5K race. He not only completed it, but had to slow down to stay with me!

SIDE NOTE: this was one of those "fun" runs in Austin ... at 8:00 pm at night ... in June ... and come to find out, it WAS still 100 degrees outside. What that means for me is feeling like I'm running while carrying bricks.

The picture above makes me very happy. My husband (age 43) after completing his very first 5K, standing next to his wife (age 38) who has only been running a year and reached a 10K, standing next to his sister who ran her very first half marathon last year before the age of 50.

Doing the never done before. Whatever it is for you, I highly suggest it. Who says you can't? Poo on them!


GB's Mom said...

You are awesome!

Unknown said...

Good job to all!! You may just inspire me yet to get off my butt and run...I hate running too. I actually tried running (on a treadmill) one night last winter and suprised myself with "jogging" for five minutes straight. I couldn't believe it. It doesn't sound like much but I didn't think I could even do a minute at the time. It gave me the confidence to try it again...I just haven't yet. **blush**

Eileen said...

so true, I did a sprint-tri this week and I felt SO STRONG all the rest of the day. even while I took a nap....I'm not a runner, not even a particularly fast walker, but am sort of intrigued with the couch to 5k thing.......