Monday, June 06, 2011

Get off your ever-lovin' butt

“The most effective way of improving your mind-set is to simply get off your butt.” – Joan Borysenko

Yeah, I know. That kinda' pisses me off, too.

Cause it's true.

Of course, you hate me for bringing it up again. Yet, I have something new to add to the conversation. So, don't run off just yet.

I have been more active this year than I have in a long time. It makes a huge difference. I have NOT wanted to be active again this year just as much as every other year of my life. I recently joined several other women in a fundraiser (note to YOU: there is still room for more), which requires me to move my butt regularly. This morning, I knew I needed to get up and run. The alarm went off. In my situation, if I did not get up THAT SECOND it would be too hot to run by the time I did. I DID NOT WANT TO GET UP. IT SOUNDED BORING AND MISERABLE.

However, I joined in with a group of ladies who now have instant access to me on a little FaceBook group. They would notice if I did nothing for a week. They would never say anything negative, but I would KNOW that they know.

So, I forced my eyes open and I sat up. I cussed. I threw on my clothes. I grumbled some more. Now, here I sit, two miles and a shower later. I'm so happy I did. I feel better. My mind is clear(er). I have accomplished several other things. Not to mention, I feel better about myself and the day in front of me!

Ah, there you have it.

“The most effective way of improving your mind-set is to simply get off your butt.” – Joan Borysenko

I would add to that, the most effective way to get off your butt is to join with another person ... or two ... or seventeen ... whose very presence in your life will keep you moving.

As moms (all moms, not just mothers of trauma), we have some extremely high rates of depression and anxiety. We put undo pressure on ourselves outside of our homes, which just compounds all that we are feeling inside those doors. We never stop, but feel like we never get anything done. And at the end of the day, most of us look into the mirror and then crawl into bed not liking ourselves.


Get up. Get your hot little butt up and do something. Anything. Move. Walk. Find the sunshine. No one said you have to run (good LORD, that's crazy talk, and I should know - I ran this morning!). Join the fundraiser or find a friend and say, "I need to move. Will you move with me?"

Because you are amazing, and you have lost yourself in your life. Fight your way back out of it. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

This is me getting in my 30 minutes a day of hooping ... with my neighbors, the Longhorns.


A J said...

I'm stealing that quote to put on my Facebook page to remind me of that. I've just started getting up and walking each day. Scary thing is I'm starting to look forward to it.

Erika said...

Okay. Will do. I want to curse you but I know you're right.

The Hills said...

That also applies to sex, you know. At the end of a long day with 3 small children, it's easy to go, "ugh...really?!? you really want to...TONIGHT???" But I've never regretted it when it's all said and done ;-) And hey, that's exercise too (even though I won't try to come up with a sex to miles conversion).

Teri H said...

Thanks for the encouragement... I *know* it but getting myself to do it is another thing...

Brian Reilly said...

Couldn't be more right with that quote, I'll be passing that nugget of wisdom along today. Thanks!

Alison Boynton Noyce said...

I have found so many great blogs through 'Circle of Moms', yours is great. I wanted to let you know that I made reference to it in my own post about adoption blogs


Michelle said...

Yeah - I don't like this either. I think you're right, really I do, but I don't like it.

L.O.T. said...

Love this post! I just found your! It's great!