Monday, June 20, 2011

Killing it to Wisconsin

Sometime after lunch on Saturday, seven people piled into a minivan in south Texas and started driving north.

Approximately 24 hours and 1,300 miles later, they were here:

Nothing that some neck pillows, audio books, podcasts and two very determined adults can't handle.

We drove into the arms of our dearest friends on the planet. Our time with them is short, but we are soaking it up as best we can (I'm currently on a wifi date with Alicia at Culver's). So fun to talk and surf, and know the kids are either swimming or on a playground, or swimming again, or hooping, or on the other playground!

Our husbands are talking or ... whatever it is that husbands do when they get together. Scratching?

Wednesday we head to Illinois, where we get to chill for five nights. There will be several surprises for the kids. Saturday we get to see old and new friends at the park.

Right now the husband and I are talking about doing the return trip in one fell swoop again. We'll see where we land this time next week. At this point, we still feel like super heroes.


Fleeting Promises said...

OMGoodness...that's just 3 counties away...

The Hills said...

Please tell me that's 1300 and not 2300 miles! We've done several 2000+ mile trips and we take at least 3 days to do it, so I'm feeling super inadequate at the moment! Either way, I'm impressed, I require things like an actual bed, or at least a tent, and the ability to get at least 100 feet away from my kids after about 12 hours in the car! ;-)

Christine said...

Ha! You were right. That WAS a type-o! LOLOL

Kimberly said...

Christine, I am impressed. we did the same trip, but backwards, but we stopped at great america, 2 hotels, and a parents along the way. I was so bummed out our trips were at the same time. While visiting my grandma in Seguin, I considered driving to Gonzales and seeing how other crazy moms do it.

Man are we loving the heat in texas - finally, we can swim and not be frozen!