Thursday, June 30, 2011

One hundred miles

This week I did two kinda' fun things.

I knocked out 100 miles in the 500 mile fundraiser (feel free to go give a dollar to the scholarship fund in honor of my super sweaty effort).

I also completed the 30/30 Hooping Challenge. I put in 30 minutes a day for the 30 days of June. There were a few instances I almost didn't make it in time, but always seemed to sneak it in by midnight ... even if it meant hooping in my kitchen.

Funny, it started as something the girls all really wanted to do. That fizzled around the fifth day. Yet, at that point, I was bound and determined to finish the dang thing. I am right brained. In fact, some days I'm pretty sure I spent all of my in-utero time leaning to the right, and there's simply nothing over on that left side.

So, to complete things like this are good challenges. It pushes me in areas outside my natural tendencies. It stretches me.

The 30/30 is complete. I still have 400 more miles to go for the fundraiser. For now, though, I'm gonna' sit and have some dinner.


CORoots said...

Heck of an accomplishment, Christine! Great job.

Erika said...

You are simply amazing.