Thursday, June 23, 2011

So far, so good

We are enjoying our trip.

Our children are big wads of exuberance, nervousness, sadness (leaving their best friends yesterday) and excitement. There have been no major blow ups. Everyone is breathing deeply when they are feeling anxious, but mainly we are just leaving them be and giving some loving hugs and winks when we hear the crankies taking over.

That also works well for Mom and Dad.

If there are meltdowns when we return home, oh well. They are truly doing amazing right now and having a good time. That's exactly what they want, and of course - what we want for them. The hotel we are in now is full of families, so they make approximately 30 new friends every time we visit the pool. It's kid heaven, and has been a positive experience for them instead of over-stimulating.

Reports from our park/house sitter say our cats are doing well and there is actually water falling from the sky in Texas. Who knew?

Wisconsin with our favorite family was quick but fabulous, as always. Now we are tearing it up in Illinois. Ya' know, cause we're wild and crazy like that.

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