Monday, June 13, 2011

The tatt and the man

So, about this tattoo I'm getting.

Three sessions in, but more work to do. Olivia is beyond amazing at her work. I asked her to create a piece with one woman who reflected all the mothers in the lives of my children. Therefore, it was very important that she lean Haitian/African. Olivia is biracial and understood exactly what I was saying. I was able to help her understand just how very important their first mothers are to them - vital. She also helped me understand how tricky it can be to go very dark with skin tone and hair yet still translate and maintain detail on flesh.

An afro cannot be done and keep detail. It would end up just a solid black blob of hair. So, she has done amazing things to keep this art intricate and gorgeous, while still wanting all of my children to feel reflected in this art. What that meant on Friday was several hours of layering ... and layering ... and layering the shading. And she did it. She did an AMAZING job.

The next session will include more color. Hopefully, at that point, I can post a picture in full. At this point, she requests that I not post its entirety in a large forum. It is her art, and she would like it to be completed before it shows up in a Google search. I understand and respect her for that. So, at least another month. Just know that her work is worth it.

I guess I could say that sitting under needles was how I started my summer vacation. This is followed by getting the boys sent off to camp, and my husband heading out of town for a conference on curriculum he will be teaching. These are always strange times of the year, because we have fewer people in the house for long periods. Of course, it is always weird to have my husband gone.

I know we are very lucky and I know some of you have husbands that have to be gone a lot, or travel full time or AT WAR, for Pete's sake. Michael has the luxury of being around all the time. He teaches school, so gets to enjoy long holidays. He is home every night. Sometimes we get to meet him for lunch.

I know it can be a struggle for some couples to spend a lot of intensive time together. Yet we maintain our home and run the park together, and really enjoy it. We communicate beautifully and stay on the same page with things. We are good at compromising when we disagree. We balance logical adult conversation with huge amounts of sarcasm and jabs. So, it's just ... weird, when he's not here. Don't get me wrong - we enjoy the breaks as much as the next guy.

Still ... just weird.

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Dennis Nesser said...

The boys did great at camp, though I think they were both ready to come home after a week in the heat, and more importantly away from home.

It's great to watch them grow. They've both come so far in the last year. I just love watching boys like these two as they grow up to be fine young men that I know you and Mike are raising them to be!

God Bless,