Monday, July 11, 2011

For the hoop challenged

This is the best yet. How to hula hoop. Love this!

Don't ignore the extra's in here. Diameter needs to be at least to your belly button. Heavier hoops are easier.

Da-da-da da-da-da dee-da-da ...


Kelley said...

That was awesome. I still can't do it :( I'll just keep trying.

Jessica Lynn said...

That was extremely helpful.

I was inspired to hoop every day by your challenge and finally got around to getting a hoop.

The first day I was hooping like a sumo wrestler with my legs wide and my hips going crazy. It was alright, but, seemed off.

The next day, I saw the video you posted.

That night, I went from being able to keep the hoop up for 2 minutes at a time (while looking like a sumo) to being able to keep the hoop up for 7 minutes at a time with just a gentle back and forth motion.

Good times!

I did discover that I have no ability to hoop clockwise. I can go for 7 minutes counter-clockwise and about 4 seconds clockwise. Must be something wired wrong up top. :)

Unknown said...

Most people have a preferred direction they like to hoop. Mine is clock-wise. Some of my kids prefer counter, though.

Once you get better, you can then make yourself hoop the opposite direction, just as a physical and mental challenge.

Shan said...

Love it! It is super hard for me to go counter clock-wise but I tried again yesterday and could for a little longer than not at all. I'm feeling new strength in my tummy tum tum! said...

just listening to this makes me happy making hoops is on my list this week.