Thursday, July 28, 2011


I had tears multiple times today.

I found myself overwhelmed with people I have in my life right now ... people I can actually see and touch and talk to and have coffee with and swim with and who share their kimchi freely.

The conversation continues to happen. Some of these people in my life blow me away. They see the labels and the judgement that some have, but they also openly stop and say, "But I'm being judgmental, because that person is only reacting based on where they are and what they know and their life experiences." The words coming out vary from person to person, but the undercurrent is the same ... over and over and over again ... for days now.

My brain continues to explode as I have several people, in face-to-face conversation, owning this. Recognizing their own need for patience, instead of knee-jerk reactions.

Amazingly, this little mass of conversations are with pockets of individuals whose paths do not cross. Their only connection is me. Yet, they are all speaking the same truth. They are all reinforcing in me this need to be open and kind, even when others aren't open and kind. Each person has talked about their own attacks and their own defensiveness. Some are inconvenient. Some are life-shattering and deeply painful. Yet the same authenticity came from each voice.

And I am listening.

Blown away to have such wisdom in flesh in my presence ... all around me ... in so many different venues. It also sucks, because when I want to be pouty and pissy, they're going to remind me not to get stuck there, and be patient with the process of another. Since the same message is coming at me from so many directions, I can't just ignore it. *stupid wise friends, holding me accountable to truth - grumble, grumble*

Still. Crazy beautiful.

Not accidental.


Diana said...

I'm having the same crazy experience here. Sometimes I'm being given circumstances in which I have to choose to react or practice kindness, repentance, and forgiveness. Sometimes I'm being humbled by learning the rest of the story (or at least seeing more of the tip of the iceberg) or just plain reminding myself not to judge people who haven't walked in the big, scary shoes! Thank you for sharing your heart and your wisdom!! I'm listening, too (even when I don't want to.)

Erika said...

I keep getting messages from the universe too! And I'm listening. One was the post you wrote from "Parenting from the Inside Out". I knew that, I'd read that, but for the first time I understood it as a gift. I mean, before it felt like one more thing that makes my life difficult. Now I know it's one more thing in my life that is there to help me learn some stuff about me, let go of some stuff, keep working on some stuff, and become a little lighter as I move through life. Your post came at exactly the right time. Love you very much! And don't know you at'all.

Kimberly said...

it's nice to have tears for good reasons and not just always meltdowns:)

Patty said...

I think you might just bring that wisdom and compassion out in people. Like brings like, ya know? May we all surround ourselves with folks that make us better, and healthier and happier.