Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chocolate Covered Cherry Green Smoothies

I made this up as I went along this morning, and it was a hit!

Chocolate Covered Cherry Green Smoothies

2-3 handfuls spinach leaves
3 bananas (they add more sweetness and thicken - we put them in almost every single smoothie)
Bag of frozen cherries
Fill blender/Vitamix to the top with chocolate almond milk

Blend the holy hooch out of it. Pour into glasses. Cut frozen cherries so they can be placed on edge of glass as a garnish. Laugh when the first kid doesn't realize it's FROZEN and starts chomping on it. heh. heh.


Hannah_Rae said...

OOOooo. I'm so angry at my food allergies right now. Grrrr.

Jolene said...

1-Bananas make the smoothie!
2-We do green smoothies like kuh-razy around here! ~YUM-O~

Ranavan said...

Oh! I love Chcoclate Almond Milk! Have you tried the Dark? It is delicious! I will definitely try this!