Thursday, October 27, 2011

I am Spartacus

I added a little somethin'-somethin'

Spartacus led a historical revolt of Roman slaves. He was all, "You will not own me." Yeah. I'm a fan.

We know little about him beyond the details of the Third Servile War. Yet, his story has continued to inspire modern writers. He was pretty badass. He reminds me of my children who come from a country of people who were slaves and said, "Um, yeah. NO." And they took back their freedom.

When I'm feeling strong, I state, "I am Spartacus." When I've just done something that totally kicked tail, my closest friends get a "Spartacus." Yet, it even has more meaning for me, as people have taken his story and expanded upon it.

I added my latest ink while surrounded by treasured friends. The kind of friends who would not just stand with me, but would stand for me. I would do the same for them. It was the perfect time to finally add my catch phrase to my body.

I. am. Spartacus.

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