Saturday, January 21, 2012

Live from Albuquerque

The Fiesta Project had the kids make hula hoops
while I was busy lovin' on their parents.

This weekend I had the privilege of speaking to some really amazing parents. My visit was sponsored by The Fiesta Project. If you are in New Mexico, and you are an adoptive parent, you would be crazy NOT to connect with them. They provide resources for all homes built through adoption (domestic, foster care, international). I was blown away to see something like this exist. The parents who attended my training and Q&A came free of charge. And there was childcare free of charge. New Mexico is leading the way. If you're there and not taking advantage, well ... you've lost your ever-lovin' mind. :)

I had a fantastic time. Wanted to take a minute to promote what they're doing and also send out a big hello to each of them. Thank you all so much for laughing and crying with me and making me feel so loved and welcome.

In the airport today, TSA frisked my dreads. That was a first, and still has me chuckling. All I could think was, "This would never fly in Texas ... checking all 'big hair.' Security would be backed up for days!"

So funny ... and weird. I shut my eyes and tried to enjoy the brief massage.

Free FAST Wifi at the airport, though. I'll give them that. None of the Boingo Expensive-o crap.

Just had a major panic attack. My laptop is not synced up with the time change and I had a flash that I might actually be at the wrong gate and/or missed my plane. Brain reengaged with reality. Crisis averted.

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lavendergardener said...

Thank you for your kind words, Christine! We love what we do and are thrilled that you were able to join us for the weekend. Loved meeting you after reading your blog for years! My boys spent all afternoon singing the pee song by the way....