Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Magical Milk Pic-o-the-Week

"Even big chested mamas can nurse! I'm a 38 G and LO is 9 months EBF and going strong!!!"

(photo by Sarah used with permission)


Melanie Hoffman said...

Love it! And even small breasted women can breastfeed. I'm not quite a 34B while nursing, fully engorged. 4 babies later... all successfully breastfed with very little trouble (aside form #4 having a tongue tie but that's not my boobs' fault".

robyncalgary said...

Amen! 34H here, nursed #1 EBF for 12 months, now 15.5 months in nursing #2 EBF as well! <3

Gloriana said...

Big-bosomed mamas have milk storage capacity, too! (4.5 nursing years with my two boyz.)