Monday, January 30, 2012

Sexuary 2012

Michael and I thought we'd give a little live hello and pep talk, as you start to set your goals for February ... Sexuary.

There is a glitch in it, but after trying to upload the dang thing about 57 times, I say (pardon the pun), "SCREW IT!"

Set those goals so you can hit the ground running by Wednesday. Or hit the bed ... thumpin'? Pumpin'? Bumpin'?

Whatevs. Just get busy. And have fun. Dangit.


Elizabeth @ My Life, Such as it is... said...

Yay you two! I'm just excited that we actually had sex last week.

Robert is very self conscious of his ostomy bag so between that, surgery recovery and chemo we'd gone almost 3 months without sex.

My goal is at least 2 times in Sexuary.

KDM1 said...

ok, my husband and i have been talking about this....we decided to take the plunge on upcoming vacation...every day LOL. so, thank you for posting this. he works out of town, but i am going to take your hubby's advice about just being intimate and together when he is here.

heyitsbarb said...

So I had this WOW moment tonight. As a single person I have ignored the blog in February. But tonight I watched the video of you and I thought, "Hey, how about a little quality time for me!" Fun and intimacy with me! I am a trauma mama and like most mama's I don't spend enough (read any) time in self-care and self-love in either the literal or euphemistic sense. So I'm in baby! I bringing Sexuary to the single people!

Wordy girl said...

PC says, "Thank you, Christine." He also says, "Please don't ever make me make a video like that."

"Lil Ol' Me" said...

someone reminded me this evening today was Feb 1...and I needed to pull myself together.


Retrospective said...

Need sex insurance:)

Lindsay Mama to Nine said...

DAMN-IT, damn-it, damn-it...Why did I "pop" on over to"...why did my brain wander to "hmmm wonder how Christine's Sexuary is going, I could so cheer her on, cause I am no getting on board, nope, not me not this year."
Lalalalalalalalalalala (fingers in my ears)
Because I did NOT just read every singe post, I did not just cringe when you talked about your dark time...
Nope cause I didn't get curious, I didn't watch this video...I was not here.
P.S. Thank you.

Cathy Givans said...

Well, you already knew I was in, so no comment needed on that part. But I do need to say...CRAP! I miss you guys! And seeing the pair of you, laughing, being yourselves...I am craving some time in the lovely company and bliss that is the Moers family.