Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The theater of the absurd?

There is power in words. All emphasis below is my own.

A new catch phrase caught fire before the holidays among Conservatives. After a Macy's employee refused a transgender woman access to their women's dressing room, the media storm fueled the following:

"The LGBT agenda has become the theater of the absurd.”

Scott Ross wrote: "Over the past three years, we have witnessed a dramatic rise in pro-homosexual activism resulting in misguided policies that cater to a small minority of people while creating unnecessary threats to a vast majority of others."

In a brochure from the Family Research Council: "Discrimination occurs when someone is unjustly denied some benefit or opportunity. But it must first be demonstrated that such persons deserve to be treated equally."

Last week a 14-year-old Girl Scout called for a boycott of cookie sales, in protest of Girl Scout chapters allowing transgender girls to participate as members of the organization. Again, the power of words. In her YouTube video she said GSA "cares more about promoting the desires of a small handful of people than it does my safety and the safety of my friends and sister Girl Scouts."

The video was originally posted on a website called "Honest Girl Scouts." They state that their aim is to educate, enlighten, uncover facts and insist on a return to the traditional values listed in the Girl Scouts of USA Congressional Charter that includes the words: "...qualities of truth,... purity..."

Power in words.

I would like to start with full disclosure. At one time in my life I said many of the very same things. I'm not proud of it. In fact, I'm mortified that I ever believed or thought such things. So, I have a great deal of understanding and actual empathy for those who do. At the time, I truly believed I was right. I had a great deal of fear over "doing the right thing" and really wanting to please God. I believed that one day I would stand in front of the maker of the universe and would have to justify my actions and words. I wanted to get it right. With that very positive motive, I was also getting it dead wrong. In my effort to avoid judgement and condemnation, I was actually creating it in the world around me.

I have since forgiven myself. Just writing it, though, breaks my heart again.

I say that to say this ... again: there is power in words.

All that I emphasized above is implying that those who are LGBT are wildly unreasonable, inappropriate, illogical, dangerous, menacing, risky, dishonest, liars and immoral. Giant, suffocating blanket statements about entire groups of people.

Horrible vicious words.


Wrong words.

Awful words.

I WAS WRONG for having ever allowed myself to hear and believe such a thing.

I WAS WRONG for not standing against this sooner.

I WAS WRONG for assuming and not connecting with and knowing ... actual people. Beautiful, amazing people who do not want special treatment. They simply want to be accepted and have the same rights as every other human.

I WAS WRONG. I took part in treating others as less than myself. I WAS WRONG. I believed there should be distinctions between my rights and theirs. I WAS WRONG. Even when I had my doubts and things just weren't lining up in my heart and my head and my Bible, I just listened and regurgitated what talk radio and James Dobson fed me. I WAS WRONG.

For as long as scouting has existed, there have been gay boys camping in tents and lesbian girls sharing camp bathrooms. There have been boys who know and believe they were born girls and girls who know and believe they were born boys ... selling cookies, tying knots, having sleepovers, and earning merit badges. I don't recall reading about these children making sexual advances on other kids and creating chaos.

I haven't read this because LGBT youth have been busy creating other things: fun, joy, friendship, beauty and love. They have always been there and I didn't know it and you didn't know it because ... they're just kids.

The LGBT agenda is not the theater of the absurd.

I declare today that it is the theater of the beautiful. Theater of the awesome. Theater of the equal. Theater of the lovely. Theater of the accepting.

The LGBT agenda is the theater of love.


Foxxy One said...

Came over from "Last Mom". Great post and so very true. I am not a huge supporter of scouts in general (due to their not allowing gay and lesbian leaders) however this year, I will be making a donation to the girl scouts cookie drive and I will be sure to tell them why.

JessA said...


Ranger said...

Hurray hurray hurray! I can't believe a Christian based organisation like ANY branch of the Scouts seriously stands behind this nonsense without realising it clashes with every value they were established on. How is a transgendered 14 year old a threat to anyone's safety? Are they afraid she's going to explode or something? The ignorance is mindblowing.

Adrian W. said...

I think the tide is turning. I think people are starting to admit that the "agenda" isn't a theatre of the absurd, but of a genuine desire to live, love, and enjoy life.

Holly said...

thank you for this lovely and truth telling post.

Socially Queer said...

Jeebus, now I have to love you even more!

kristen said...

Amen. Thanks for your words - and I'm so glad you've experienced the beauty and joy of the LGBT community.

:) a lesbian blogreader

Blessed said...

It is not healthy for ANY individual or group to create self-identity based upon acceptance by others. This is why I can't support much of the GLBT movement that is happening in the greater culture.

I also cannot condone how voices are heard or silenced depending upon cultural trend. We should love ALL people, and give voice to ALL people--and that includes people we disagree with.

So that is where there is some truth to the "theatre of the absurd"--when any person or group is demanding something for themselves that they are then denying for others. Or when a collective group is "punished" because of the deeds of a few individuals, or because that group has fallen out of political/cultural favor.

My stances are inclusive--decrying self-righteous bullies of whatever flavor.

That said, thanks for bringing up the topic, so all your readers can think about their own approach to loving others more completely. : )

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Thank you.

Babsness said...

"But it must first be demonstrated that such persons deserve to be treated equally."

Oh My, am I so glad I don't have to demnostrate that I DESERVE God's love...

I'm with you, Sistah!

E said...

I love how sometimes I feel something but have trouble articulating it and then read your words and you've done it for me. Thank you.

Jen said...

Bravo. Thank you.

Melessa Gregg said...

This is brilliant!.Thank you.

J & A said...

I'm sorry, this all sounds wonderfully lovey-dovey, but as Christians we are called to love sinners, not encourage them in their sin. Yes, this includes liars, adulterers, thieves, the overly prideful, the mean, the gluttonous (and etc. etc. etc.) but it ALSO includes those living in sexual sin. Perhaps your version of the Bible is different from mine...?

Unknown said...

I guess we could say that allowing gluttonous people to enter a restaurant and order anything they want would actually be encouraging their sin, as written in the Bible. Why aren't we fighting to pass laws so that those who fit this category (no matter what they believe) are only allowed to purchase healthy, nutritional foods? Why are we encouraging gluttony within church walls and among church leadership?

Why are Christians not fighting to pass laws to keep Atheists from marrying or adopting? By allowing them to marry, we are saying that their beliefs align with the scriptural ideal of marriage. But I know many people don't believe that. By allowing them to adopt, we are encouraging them to be raising children under their view of God and the world. Is that encouraging their sin, or allowing them the space, freedom and right to function as an equal human?

Where, in the Bible, does it say, "Try to force-stop the sin or at least do everything you can to make that person's life a living hell?"

By loving a person, you are treating them with kindness and respect, even when you disagree. Denying their right to live under their belief system shows love, not acceptance of how you may differ.

The Jesus I read about in the Bible was lovey-dovey ... on crack.

FosterAbba said...

Thank you for writing this. We recently had a chat with an ex-county employee who confirmed that we had been deliberately discriminated against because of our lifestyle.

It sucks.

Granny said...

Came over from Foster Abba. Thank you for your courage. Now stop beating yourself up (if you haven't already done so). It's hard to overcome teaching that's been drilled into your head.

Miz Kizzle said...

Ah, now I have an even better reason to buy delicious Girl Scout cookies. When it comes to yummy thin mints I freely confess to the sin of gluttony.
One of the things I loathe about the more conservative of my fellow Christians is their holier than thou delight in pointing out the unworthiness of others.
They should mind their own business, work on their own sins and remember that God is love. It says so in the Bible.