Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hooping through Lent

I am taking another hoop challenge presented by Pandora's Healing Hoops. We're posting pics and chatting it up to keep our butts in the game this time around. Join us on the FaceBook!

"Lenten Hoop Challenge, to hoop a minimum 30 minutes daily from 2/22 to 4/5.

I did not grow up practicing Lent but I like the idea of devoting time to make a commitment to your higher power and to remind oneself that the less productive things we indulge in are not our higher power or our greater commitment. Rather than give up chocolate, I have chosen to deepen my devotion to my higher power while treating my body as a temple.

For those who believe that Lent must contain an element of sacrifice, a concept that I don't personally subscribe to, but I do understand opportunity cost. For every moment you spend hooping, you are sacrificing something else you could do with that time.

Who's in?"

As you can see, I knocked out day two blindfolded. My new polypro came in the mail, and I decided to only "feel" it the first time I hooped with it. It was a very interesting experience. And slightly entertaining for my kids, the cats and several dudes in big trucks that drove by.


Dennis Nesser said...

I must agree with the concept that giving your time in devotion is a very good sacrifice. It's one of the things we misuse more than anything in my opinion.

As a Christian, I think God would much prefer me to give up 15 minutes of my time to read the Bible, or a devotional then to give up chocolates.

Once again, you're an inspiration to many, keep up the good work!


PS, we still have some extra tubing if someone local needs a bit for their new hoop.

Dreena M. Tischler said...

Okay -- I will pick up the hooping, albeit a few days late. Kinda funny though, I'm so terrible at it that my family will BEG me to stop before 30 minutes are up. But I will try, I will really try!