Friday, February 03, 2012

Hot flashes ... not so hot

When it is painfully obvious that perimenopause has started before you even hit 40, you find your only option is to welcome it to the table. Make friends. Find out what it has to offer. Negotiate the things you don't care for.

Yet, negotiating night sweats goes a little something like this:

There is no negotiating.

You go months just sleeping normally. Lah-dee-dah. Then out of nowhere, you wake up in pools of sweat. You want to throw off the covers, but you are so covered in sweat that just the thought of it freezes you out ... while still sweating.

It's weird.

It's kinda' gross.

It wakes you up several times a night.

It comes and goes with zero warning.

It's a big pain in the rumpus to go to bed clean and need to shower the next morning because of said profuse sweating.

So, today as I sat playing cards with my perimenopause, I was grumbling that its most recent discard was "night sweats." I hate that card. That card sucks.

But then it was my turn to draw. That's when I remembered I had a hand full of better libido.


I shut my mouth.

Touché and well played, my new friend.

(photo by Sam Fischer, used with permission)


Shannon said...

Over the past 9 months I have gained very irregular periods, bouts of nightsweats and insomnia, and a VERY increased sex drive.

I'm not 30.

I don't really mind if I'm some weirdo freak who's entering the "next stage of life" this early. I'd just like to know about it so I can sit and play some cards.


Maybe learn bridge... :-P

Kay said...

More good news.. apparently hot flushes early on in menopause may mean a reduced risk of heart attacks later..