Saturday, February 04, 2012

Inspired by Sexuary

"I am one of those "lurking" readers on your blog! I just wanted to drop you an email and let you know that I have been inspired by Sexuary! My husband and I were both virgins when we married a few years ago, and were unlucky enough to discover that I had several overlapping pelvic pain conditions that made intercourse totally impossible for the first year of marriage and quite uncomfortable after that point. I was fortunate to be able to get treatment, and was diligently doing (sometimes very painful) treatments every day for months.

Due to some job requirements, we ended up being apart for almost two months. After such a long break, we decided to give intercourse a try and see how the treatments had been helping. Lo and behold, we could do it! And it didn't hurt! In fact, I am often able to reach orgasm during intercourse! I still have some healing to do - I would love to be able to increase our "repertoire" of positions, but most still cause pain for me. However we are just so excited to actually be able to have the intimacy of intercourse in a way that feels good to both of us.

So Sexuary this year, for us, will be a very enthusiastic celebration of how much progress we've made in improving our sex life despite some real challenges. I can truly say that every time we have sex, it feels like a real victory for our relationship and I'm so happy to be able to enjoy it in this fun way. So, thank you for creating a place where we can celebrate overcoming sexual challenges in our relationships." - an anonymous reader

(photo by sanja gjenero, used with permission)


Mama Bear said...

I have to thank you to the lurking reader for sharing this. Often we don't want to share our troubles because we feel shame or whatever. I am so glad that you can enjoy sex. Hope Sexuary is a great month for you!

MammaT said...

Yes. Thanks for de-lurking! Shame SUCKS, and doubly so when... well... you know, some things just don't feel so share-able. Have a fantastic Sexuary!!!

Val said...

Love it!!! Enjoy the heck out of your Sexuary :)