Saturday, February 11, 2012

My big feelings over Burning Man

a pic of "Flat Christine" at Burning Man 2011

I got a ticket to Burning Man.

This post was supposed to be about how I was going to Burning Man for the first time. How I chose this year because I turn 40, and ... well, it's time. This post was supposed to be about my husband saying, "That sounds so fun FOR YOU. I've got the kids. You go and sleep for a week in conditions that are incompatible with life, and soak up the art and wallow in the dust and have the most radical life-changing experience. I'll cover things here. I want to give you that. Oh ... and don't ask me if I want to go so I don't have to find a polite way to say, 'I'd rather beat my face with a board for a week.' Love you!"

I got a ticket. I'm going to Burning Man.

It's my virgin burn.

It's also one of the most pivotal and controversial years in Burning Man history.

Last year was the first sell-out. Ever. In response to this, they held a ticket lottery for 2012. You could choose the price tier you were willing to pay (which could increase or decrease your chances). You had two weeks to put your name in the hat. They began drawing tickets and you either got one or you didn't.

A lot of people didn't. A whole hell of a lot of people who are a vital, active part of the playa didn't. It has turned into a conglomeration of unanswered questions.

"... if new Burners are the lifeblood, the existing community of collaborators, projects, and creativity is the corpus of Burning Man. And now we’ve learned after a few days of polling and information gathering that many of the largest groups and projects (mutant vehicles, theme camps, volunteer groups, and other collaborations) planning to attend this year have secured only 25%-30%, on average, of the tickets they needed to commit to their projects." - Andie Grace

What I know is this: I entered the lottery for one ticket at the highest price. I didn't have my friends and family also enter, to increase my chances. I didn't even enter for TWO tickets.

I entered for one ticket and I received one ticket.

Lots of big feelings around it. Good feelings. Aching feelings for those who did not.

I was born to do a lot of things in my life. Burning Man is one of them. No doubt. I've known it for several years now.

Not everyone gets it. I won't try terribly hard to explain. I think you either understand and feel pulled to it, or it's simply too foreign. To me, however, it feels like I'm finally finding my way home. The playa wants me there. I'm not going to argue.

The Truth About Burning Man


Carolyn said...

We had contemplated going this year... didn't realize about the Lottery thing, but I knew a month ago that it was not to be this year. I was SO jazzed for you when I read that you have this opportunity. I look forward to following your thoughts and adventures in regards to Burning Man. ;-) Have fun Mama! <3

lisa j said...

Wow. Just looked at the website for burning man. Not sure if I fully understand what it is but, from what I read it sounds like an amazing experience!! I would love to participate someday. I think I need some all terrain tires for my wheelchair first!

Nobody said...

You know, the only thing I've got when it comes to Burning Man is a (really funny) episode of "Malcolm in the Middle". So that keeps playing in my head, with images of you popping up in the background. It lacks a certain spiritual quality I admit.

Sylvia said...

Woohoo!!! I'm feeling a friendly envy ;-) Maybe you can show me the ropes when my 4 oh rolls around!?!

Rébecca said...

"More important than trying to figure out what gift to bring to people is learning how to receive the gifts that you get." Wow ! Isn't that how it is with God ? More important than trying to figure out what to give God is learning how to receive His gifts... and then in turn living that way towards others, that's understanding grace, and yes, it is the only way to find true joy.
I love it when the world out there exemplifies what everyone can recognize has being good and just and most worthy of our love and admiration... you just can't beat the Gospel !