Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh, Feburary, we will miss thee

Hard to believe another year of sexin' it up has come and gone.

Even harder to believe I did an entire post on ... well ... ya' know.

Was it all as good for you as it was for us?

When Michael and I hit our 29th day, we figured we should go ahead and knock out a full 31. So we did. Cause at that point, what's two more, right? It was a good, sometimes awful, sometimes horrible, but overall good month.

This year, as it has every other year, our marriage took a step forward. Yet, I have to say, hearing everyone else's stories has been the best part. For Michael and I both. We have come so far as a couple and as sexual partners. To hear and see others walking that same road, in a positive direction, and to know our openness is helping to cheer and encourage them along - wow! We are so happy to do it.

It's worth knowing that most of the people I see on a regular basis know exactly how many times I had sex last week. The husband and I - we're takin' one for the team!

When things were miserable for Michael and I and our sex life was basically non-existent, we didn't have anyone to talk to. Well, maybe we did but we didn't know who that would be. Let's be honest, you're not going to take the risk of randomly walking up to friends and asking, "Do you like sex? Cause I don't so much." Or asking, "Do you have a vibrator? If so, which one? How, exactly, does one comparison shop for such things?"

I have received dozens of random questions this month. Most of them have a pretty easy answer, but the couple or person just wasn't exactly sure and at the very least knew they could ask me anything. More than an answer, they also got to talk to someone who did not judge them or look at them like they were either creepy or sexually inept. We just started to brainstorm and determine if we could help them out. Michael and I would talk about some of them together, which continued to help us grow.

I hope that one day there is absolutely no need for anything as public as Sexuary. I hope that one day friends will be given the freedom to talk with friends, and everyone - wherever they are sexually - will have a safe place to question and learn and share and give and feel stinkin' hot and sexy right where they are.



Jess said...

"Do you have a vibrator? If so, which one? How, exactly, does one comparison shop for such things?"

There's a question I find myself with but with nobody to ask.

Michaela said...

Hi Christine,
I have been lurking a bit and recently became a "follower". We've been doing the therapeutic parenting thing for a while but I very recently started blogging. So now I know how nice it is not to have people lurk, but show up, so here I am saying 'Hi!'
Loved your sexuary post, made the mistake of telling my husband about it. Now he counts the days just to remind me that someone out there does that. Even though I didn't commit to every day and I don't and we didn't, he still counts the days! hmmmm...
Anyway, I read with awe and amazement. And not a little bit of interest (backdoor?). Food for thought! I had no idea I was a prude, but i might be. Well now I am a committed reader as I have to stay tuned until next February, obviously.
Thanks for a great blog!