Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Sexuary 2012 - Let's do this!

My inbox and FaceBook has been flooded.

Lots of giggling.

Lots of panic.

LOTS of crying.

Lots of nasty songs and talk.

It's all over the map. As it should be. We are all in different places. That's why it's important to make it your OWN! No guilt. This is a safe space. If you read a post and think, "That is SO twelve years ago for me," then take a moment to post a comment that encourages everyone who is right there, right now. If you read a post that floods you with guilt, STOP. There are things going on in my bedroom this year that never happened just four years ago. STOP. This is a safe space. It's not a competition, nor is anyone here to one-up someone else. This is about you. And I'm speaking to lots of "you's." So, let's remember to allow everyone a place around this roundtable and greet everyone with a hug and a snack.

All in agreement? Excellent. Let's do this.

First, I'd like to share something sent to me a few days ago.

"Just to say it 'out loud' and be accountable...

I hate sex. Chalk it up to conservative growing up 'if you have sex, you will be a sinner/get pregnant/ruin your life/ruin our lives/it is terrible/don't ever do it' lie or a terrible honeymoon experience...I dread it. And even with a very compassionate husband, it is challenging.

His birthday was Saturday. I told him for his birthday, I was giving him sex every night for a week and a bl** j** on his birthday.

I'm playing the mind over matter game and WINNING! (and I really like the idea that I know all day what the plan I have clear expectations and he has clear expectations so neither of us are trying to do the 'read your mind' thing.)

(and, I'm kinda really enjoying it...)

So, thank you to Sexuary for giving me the idea."

That right there. That's the point.

I have other women talking with me about sexual assault histories and how they're working their way back to their partners slowly. Just kissing. Just touch. Taking a bath together with no physical expectations. Showering together and trying touch, but with the ability to stop at any point. Taking baby steps in the direction they want to go.

To start the month, I thought we'd focus on music. Some people despise having music playing during sex. However, for those of us with kids, we realize quickly that it not only sets a mood, but it makes a great sound barrier for any noises which may want to come at us from outside the bedroom door, as well as blocking any sound that we might be making on this side of the door! So, it's multipurpose. Excellent!

I have playlists on Spotify that I have allowed readers to create with me collaborative. Feel free to peruse them. And in doing so, please remember: there are approximately 2,000 people who read this blog on any given day. That is a lot of different sexual appetites and personalities. If you hear something you don't like, move along. Stick with what works for you. Save the songs you love and avoid streaming the full playlists. We all have a choice. So, let's make it under the umbrella of fun and acceptance. This is a safe space for everyone. We all have a place.


Sexuary 2012 - Romantic
This playlist is meant to make your heart swoon. It's a cuddle fest with the ability to move things forward at the end of long, stress-filled day.

Sexuary 2012 - Sexy
This playlist is taking it up a notch. Think burlesque. Think sultry. Think heavy breathing and lap dances.

Sexuary 2012 - Grinding
This playlist is dirty. It's spectacularly dirty!

My challenge this month is ... every day. Someone has an orgasm every day of the month.

Michael and I are hitting Day #10 tonight. Wish us some Godspeed.


Babetta Popoff said...

woo! I was wondering when the feb 1st launch post was going to hit!
Guess you were "busy"


Princess And Dennis said...

we set our goal...much more than last year! Way more than last year...We are ready....oh I am going to give a little linky love to inspire more to "get into it"....oh Thursday is ladies day at MegaPlex in
Austin and San Antonio you can get all your supplies at 20% off.

Patty said...

woohoo! Let the games begin!

Mama Bear said...

I have recently found your blog and am a little blown away with how honest and up front you are on this. It is kinda refreshing.

I talked with my husband about this and we are wanting to take up the challenge. Our goal was every night this month to be more intimate whether it means sex or just being together. Unfortunatly we have the flu in the house and today is our turn. So hopefully tomorrow once we are done being physically ill, we can start the month off with a bang.

Hillary said...

Ok, so... no hubby to enjoy this month with, but I LOVE the idea! If I'm ever in the position (har) in the future, I'm gonna rock this month! :) I actually came here to leave a comment with something different - a friend posted a video on her FB that made me immediately think of you and your love of hooping - someone fixed a camera TO THE HOOP - it's so cool! If you don't have time to watch this month *ahem* I won't blame ya, but save it - it's a gooder!!

Cheryl said...

Spotify and kindle don't seem to mesh yet but Feelin' Love by Paula Cole is a must for the grinding playlist.

Rambling Heather said...

OH I love this Christine!! This year (after reading 365 nights) my husband and I have taken the challenge to have sex 365 times this year. We hit 33 in January and it is changing our entire marriage!!!

Carsen said...

Hi! I know the Livesays and made my way over to your blog via Tara.

Two things:

1. My husband and I have been married almost 1 year. For the last 7 months he's been deployed which means we have not had sex. I have some married friends who have been having "dry spells" and I've been begging them to knock boots for me. If I can't have it, everyone else better be enjoying it. Please, people, if you are able, get down and dirty. ;)

2. My husband MAY be coming home for R&R leave this month! Either way, we're having our own Sexuary and I'm really looking forward to it. I've been trying to make a playlist to strip to and I'm really excited you've already done it for me.

Here's to hoping he makes it in time for Sexuary!

Andrea said...

"This is a safe space for everyone. We all have our place." My heart overflows... Thank you.