Thursday, March 15, 2012

I heart my house

I'm sure my house makes some people nuts.

I definitely know that there are plenty of people who say to themselves, "That's fun. Good for HER, but I would never do that to my fireplace/kitchen/dining room/fill-in-the-blank!"

I heart my house.

I heart it to my very core.

I'm proud of it.

For the first time in my life (and the lives of my family) we are not in a space where we have to think about the next people who will be living here, or what the landlords will think or how anything will affect its resale value. We recycled a mobile home. Paid cash for it. Put new wood where there were holes in the floor. Then we began to live in it. Really, truly live in it.

It is in this kind of space you are able to hand your children buckets of paint and say, "Have fun." They are painting their rooms (finally, we tend to "live in it" slowly!). They are asking for guidance and assistance when they want to. I'm sure there will be much paint landing on the carpet ... the almost 20-year-old hunter green repo doublewide carpet. Cry me a river.

We all have freedom with this house and with these walls. It is old and cheap.

And fantastic.

There is an umbrella hanging in my kitchen. Raining magic. Created by a friend who has been a part of our chosen family.

The dining room is orange. Lots and lots and lots of orange. That Olivia Newton John album was worn out on my Winnie Pooh record player, back in the day.

The things still around after purging find a place to be seen, talked about and enjoyed. Including the shelf that once stood in the office of the Surf Court Motel in Rockport, Texas. A lovely little place owned by my in-loves. The shelf is now yellow, after dear friends spent the better part of a week, stripping off every last layer of paint. This warped little piece holds more love than anyone would know by looking at it.

This is a wall where I put a bunch of crap that has no other place to land, but still means enough we want it around. Over the next several years, I expect it will be covered, floor to ceiling. Get bored at my house? Just stare at this wall!

My "back" fireplace. Covered in broken clocks I collected over several years. Because, ya' know ... screw time constraints! Capped off with two funky pounded copper pieces I found at GoodWill back when we only had two kids.

Pictures lovingly created by my children and their best friends, the first time they met. A reminder they look to regularly.

When we bought the RV park, we changed the name. That left us with a bag full of old keychains. Really amazing, retro keychains. I tied them all up and hung them from an old can. Wind chime-esque hangy thingy.

This is also hanging in my kitchen. A metal coil of some sort that looks fun and springy when dangling by a string. It was found under the RV of Willie. It means so very much to me. Just this week a couple drove up who stayed at the park before we bought it. They were asking if "The Alligator Man" was still around. Warmed. my. heart.

Finally, my very favorite thing. My "front" fireplace. Decoupaged mostly with scraps of Seventeen magazines I saved from high school. I love this. I LOVE this.

The rest of the house is full of clutter and life. When I say we have old carpet, I mean ... no, really. We have really old, junky carpet. There is a patch in front of the fireplace where they cut out the old, junky carpet (I'm guessing there was a pretty big burn or something). We have not replaced the flooring. We have a SECOND piece of old, junky carpet filling the gap. It does not match. Not even close.

Yesterday, while picking out paint, the kids and I decided our hallway would make a great guest book. We're going to paint it and then always have Sharpies on hand for people to sign-in. All over the walls. Date it, share words of wisdom, whatever. I'm not sure who was most excited - them or me!

I heart my house.

All that it is and all that it isn't.

But mostly, what it is.


Elizabeth @ My Life, Such as it is... said...

Have you seen the whiteboard paint? I am seriously considering getting some for the pantry door and the door to the garage.

"Lil Ol' Me" said...

Yoi are my hero. I want to be like you when I grow up. For now tho...Iwill grab a Kleenex and wipe away the tears...bc u r an inspiration to me.

B_girl said...

isn't it wonderful to not have to worry about keeping things perfect?! I'd take a lived in home with character over a newly built house any day :) Thank you for the look into your space!

Laura said...

I heart your house too. I heart that your home truly is an extension of you and yours. It really truly represents your love for life, people, creativity, fun, laughter. My favorite piece is definitely that yellow shelf. I will never forget trying to convince my man to walk away as he labored over it, sweat pouring down, for hours and days on end.

I miss being there. It truly is a home in which every single person is welcome and leaves better than they came. It is those who live in it that make it that way.

Love you, and your whole family!!

LiveWorkDream said...

Nuts? Are you kiddng? Your house is awesome!

Back in the day when I lived in the Haight in a 100+ year old party house, we had a guest book hallway too. It was filled with messages and doodlings from over the decades. After I moved out I returned several years later, and it was so cool to see the mental space where I, and my roommates and friends were back then.

Mommy Linda's said...

Check this out for an alternative flooring using brown paper. I haven't seen it in real life, just on this blog, but it seems interesting.

Christine said...

Paper floors. OMG!!!! I'M IN LOVE!!!

Jessie said...

I heart your house too! What creativity, what color!! I've got pumpkin color walls in my laundry room, red and wheat color in the living/dining room and every bedroom has at least one different color. I can totally relate to the "we have to worry about the next owner/renter so everything stays neutral syndrome". No longer!

I've been wanting to do paper floors too. We have a warped, cracked slab in the basement. I'm thinking of covering the unfinished walls with collaged feed bags and corrugated tin.

Love your "wallpaper" and all the hanging decor. Cute, cute.

I could definitely come sit a while.