Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Remembering who you are

I just returned from six days in Orlando.

I've written about it before. How it's a time for women to take a breather from the trauma they parent. How it's a time to relax and reguvenate. How it's a place to connect and not feel alone. Yet this year something bigger stood out to me. I saw it and heard it everywhere.

We forget who we are. Not just those of us who are trying to provide a space of healing for our kids. All women ... we forget who we are. Some of us haven't even discovered who we are and could be becoming. We get lost in the children and the responsibilities and the obligations and the roles we place upon ourselves.

When you remove yourself from all the things which can cloud and muddle that amazing person who is feeling smothered within yourself, she has a chance to float back to the top a little bit. Orlando ... those women ... everyone just got to be. Just be themselves. However, wherever, whatever.

That also means I got to be MYSELF! Those ladies love and embrace me exactly the way I am. We are all so vastly different, and yet our mutual love and respect for our tough journeys are the base of our connection. It is beautiful and kind and leaves me feeling very appreciated, honored and respected.

We are still in there - all of us. It is a fight for me every single day to keep the dark clouds from covering up the real me. Yet, I keep fighting. I'm worth it. I like me and I like all I have to enjoy and offer the world.

You don't have to spend a long weekend in Florida sun to do it. This week, do something for you. Feed that inner woman who is itching to make her way back to the surface. Let her be whoever she is ... and celebrate her. Love on her. Keep her happy so she'll stay more present.

(photo was taken by the lovely Megan Kucik, right before I started teaching my class ... shoeless, drinking a beer with some lime that was hand-squeezed into my bottle by the ever-giving Wendy Taylor)


Jamey... said...

I keep looking at the picture I have of myself hooping (which feels a little vain), but I look so damn happy in it! I keep trying to figure out how I can get a little Orlando in my life at home!

Glori B. said...

That photo is quintessential Christine. I love, love, love, that you had that time.

Tova said...

I bought flowers for myself today.

And I love your dress. Must have something similar! Where is it from? And if you say 'I made it' or 'from a thrift store' I may cry.

K said...

thanks for a beautiful reminder!

Jenny said...

I was walking around the house, jiggling all my big beautiful self singing out loud "I'm sexy and it know it!" Jiggle jiggle giggle giggle hahahaha add "Its gonna be a sun...sun sun shiny day" with the youngest who is 12 we just laughed and danced together!

maryellen said...

Beki said...

It's wonderful that you've had this time to yourself and I love your dress and sock combo.
You're making me want to take up hooping, any advice?

Beki x

Carole said...

Nice post. You might like this post about being worth it.