Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Four years

Four years ago we went from the Fab Five to the Sensational Seven.

We all began a walk through life that was harder than any of us expected.

These five amazing kids are beautiful. Strong. Amazing. Creative. Stubborn. Hysterical. Compassionate. Sassy. Loving. Giving.

They are my heroes. I have said it before: some of them  have climbed mountains ... in the snow ... up hill ... without feet.

They are such individuals.  Becoming adults.  Finding their way.  We're in those beginning stages of natural separation.  Allowing each of them to prepare and practice for life.

This week we specifically celebrated two of them.  We are seeing these two beautiful kids need us less and less.

I realize it's not a miracle.  We did our part and they did theirs.  They worked for this.  They did it.  They keep doing it day after day. 

We love these goofballs.  We love them so much it hurts.


Wordy girl said...

Way to go! Your family is an inspiration for others. I know you didn't mean to be, but you are.

Marty Walden said...

Congrats! To you, hubby and the kids. I know how hard you've battled. You are such an encouragement to others!

Diana said...

Yeah for healing! It will be 5 years for us in July. Hard to believe it's been that long!

Glori B. said...

That's a family photo of kiddos full of real love. Oh, the joy of it!

Dennis Nesser said...

We have been so blessed to get to know you guys. These are fantastic kids and your family truly is an inspiration to many of us.

God Bless,

Upstatemamma said...

Today I can smile at this and not feel drained by the thought of the years ahead. That's progress, right?