Thursday, May 10, 2012

Oh right. Mother's Day.

We can do this.

You're not alone.

It's not fair to any of us.  It's hard for everyone in this walk. 

Let's try to remember that. 

Allow space for that.


Tova said...

Thank you. And AMEN.

Christie said...

Love your blog, Christine, and this is right on! I'm a friend of Cari Bieber's in MD and am looking forward to hopefully meeting you in Orlando next March. Check out my blog at

Kerrie said...

I HATE Mother's Day. I hate it, but my family insists on it, and it's hurtful to them when I go hide. So my gift to myself this year was 1) figuring out WHY and 2) dropping a wad of cash on flowers for my front porch.

makersdaugther said...

Wonderfully said! It can be a great day for many, but a heartache day for many others.