Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Permission to like yourself

This is true when I read it.  Is it true for you?  In a rare event, I am not allowing comments.  I am not adding a picture.  I want you to picture you.  Then find out what is holding up any part of these words in your life.  No need to discuss it with any of us.  Discuss it with you.

I love myself.

In fact, I really like me.

I'm not a narcissist.  I don't need you to like me or stand in awe of me.  I don't think I'm better than anyone else.  In fact, I find me to be gloriously average.  Living in moderation between some really fun and amazing experiences, coupled with quiet weekends at home and plenty of boring.  I like myself, even in the normal, mundane moments.

I am fun, and when I see a picture of myself smiling ... well, I can make my own self smile.

I'm funny.  I laugh at my own jokes. 

I screw up all. the. time.  When I do, I give myself a break and forgive me.  Humans screw up.  Humans get snippy.  Humans can be dumb butts.  I can feel disappointed in myself and still love and like myself.  It happens.  I can't get better if I don't practice doing better.  I can't practice doing better if I sit around being mad at myself.  So ... I give myself permission to like me before, during and after being a giant turd.

I like myself so much that I give myself what I need.  I need healthy food.  I need sleep.  I need a life free of unnecessary stress.  I sometimes need therapy.  I sometimes need medication.  I need someone to hear me and listen.  I need somewhere to vent and get ugly, nasty and rude ... where I can verbally vomit in a safe place.  I deserve all of those things.  I am a fine human being.

I am good looking.  My face is unique.  My hair is lovely.  My body shape is beautiful.  It is all different from a lot of other people, which is what makes me so interesting.  I am beautiful.  I find joy looking at me.  And I'm dang sexy.  I am sexy because I feel sexy.  I feel sexy because I like me.  All of me.  Exactly the way I am.

I am kind.  I am thoughtful.  I am this way to others and I am this way to myself.

It is not a miracle that I feel this way.  It is the evolution of many, many choices over and over and over again.  I continue to choose me.  I continue to like myself by what I do each day, what I eat, how I play, how I sleep, how I nurture myself and then how I share ... me.

I like me.  I love me.