Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Well, that week just got away from me

Two weeks ago I was gifted a ticket to Burning Flipside.  I was beyond excited.  Didn't want to get greedy, seeing how I already had a spot at Burning Man.  Yet, I'm not stupid.  I took advantage and made Austin my very first burn.

That left me with a week and a half to get myself ready to go and the house ready to be left.  I got 'er dun.  But I also didn't write one single, solitary thing for the last week.  I appreciate you finding boring drivel elsewhere to tide you over.

I also took no pictures.  Not one.  I just enjoyed being present and completely off grid for five days.  I know a lot of you don't "get" the whole Burning Man thing, but I always love how you appreciate my excitement.  You're good people.

I'll leave you with a wonderful pic taken by my friend, Jamie.

And now I'm off to nap.

1 comment:

haley swift said...

i was there too! i camped with circle of water aka shower camp. isn't flipside great?