Thursday, July 05, 2012

61: The Dreaded Number

There are 61 dreads on my head. 

There were 62.  My extra long dread with the long white peyote sleeve was getting very thin at my neck and the weight was going to eventually break it off. 

I love that darn dread and stitch and just the way it hangs below everything else.  I decided I would sew it to the dread next to it.  A few days later, I noticed they had already merged.  On their own.

They knew.

So, now there are 61 dreads on my head.  Perfect.  

Love these little guys.



Glori B. said...

And they love you, too, Christine! Hee!

Jolene said...

HA! How appropriate you just posted this and I went through and tightened all the locs on my kiddos head...Didn't bother counting them, though. Maybe someday I will!

Naturally Alive said...

Ha!! I think I have 54.... If I counted right... :) I have no beads or wraps or anything though...any idea where to get some??

oneinchofgrace said...

I've always wanted to have dreads and a nose piercing. I'm 32 and sometimes I think I'm just too old now. Clearly I'm wrong!

Living Out Obedience said...

I always wanted dreads.....Not sure I can pull it off