Sunday, August 26, 2012

Headed into the dirty pagan nirvana

Look closely and you can see me in the photo.  Taken at Walker Lake in Nevada on our way to Burning Man.  Photo by Jamie Ocain.

I am typing this from a hotel room in Reno.  My two friends, and I, have driven more than 30 hours in my family minivan, towing a trailer.  We almost ran out of gas once, out in the middle of nothing.  After dumping a gallon out of the generator into a gas can, and into the van, we eeked our way to a remote gas station.  Filled up the tank and realized we were down to less than a half a gallon.

Yeah.  That was our first day of travel.  Yay for a first-day story.

The van has done really well, as long as the engine doesn't get too hot.  It doesn't get too hot when we're driving through desert areas as long as we keep it around 60 mph ... and turn off the AC.  We just consider this a great way to acclimate ourselves to the playa heat before we get there. 

Sometime, in the middle of the night, I will drive out onto the Black Rock Desert and stay there.  For about eight days.  I will see some crazy amazing things, and watch 60,000 people participate ... participate in community, in creativity, in sharing while being as self-reliant as possible.  I am already meeting burners along the way.  Opening up my heart to so many different people from every imaginable difference you can fathom. 

It is all a beautiful challenge.  I am so grateful that I'm able to do this.  I have no idea how many pictures or stories I will share.  My goal is to be present.  Absorb.  Learn.  Love and be loved.  I'm not sure how well I will actually be able to capture or share my experience. 

In the meantime, thank you for enjoying my regurgitated posts over the next two weeks. 

Do something really fantastic while I'm gone.  You don't have to drive to the desert to do that.  You can do it right there.  Right where you are.  Be present.  Be fantastic.

You are fantastic. 

Potty stop along the way.

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