Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Burning Man - were people nekkid?

Hmmm.  Was there nudity at Burning Man?  How to answer that?  How ... to ... answer ...

Oh my head, come ON. 

Yes, there was nudity at Burning Man.  If you've done a google search for 35 seconds, that is the most sensationalized aspect.

I saw squealing, happy people taking hot showers provided by their camps.  I saw plenty of body parts falling out of whatever was sorta' holding them in as people danced or biked or tumbled or played a piano.  I saw painted bodies and pasties.  I saw people slightly naked, completely naked and some people wearing long johns and trench coats. 

I spend a lot of time in Austin, so public nudity doesn't phase me.  This is one of the misconceptions of Burning Man that entertains me a little bit.  Seems the main concern some friends had before I left was all the drunken druggy nakedness.  There was drunken druggy nakedness.  It was a city, for Pete's sake.  YOUR city has drunken druggy nakedness.

There was also just regular nakedness.  Ya' know, the kind where someone says, "I'm hot," or "I can never go naked at home, but this is FABULOUS," or "This is the most logical place for me to strip down and shower right now," or "I don't have a top to match my skirt.  So, I guess I'm done getting dressed."  It was beautiful.  They weren't lewd or inappropriate (even when they were painting their bodies or putting itty bitty tu-tu's in very interesting places).  It was a city with law enforcement, and there were families and children.  The families and children who come to BRC live their lives in openness so that seeing someone's body wasn't disturbing.  It was just, ya' know, another person.  People were free to be.  They weren't going for "sexual."  They were going for "happy." 

And they were awesomely happy.

I know there were people who aren't used to so much flesh, so the first day or two for them was probably an eye-full.  For some of you, that would be an experience you've never had, and just hearing about it may make you uncomfortable.  However for everyone, by Wednesday, it was all very:

"What was that guy's name?  The one who gave us the baby wipes and gum while we were roller skating?"

"Do you mean the one with the purple hair, Sesame Street vest and no pants?"

"Wait ... he wasn't wearing pants?"

"No.  No pants. The only reason I recall that detail is because I remember wincing when I saw him fall.  But I remember the gum.  That was Spanky McNumb Face.  He's camped with the people that have the art car that's a woodpecker playing the accordion."

"Ohhhh right.  Spanky.  Yes."

Every body shape and type.  Every skin color.  Every age.  Clothed or not clothed. 

They were all so very beautiful.

So very accepted and celebrated.


Sarah said...

And I am so, SO jealous! Someday...

Eric Rabinowitz said...

I wish I knew you were there! We could have finally met up. I was at 7:45 J....