Thursday, September 20, 2012

Crap or Cone?

Many of you have connected with me because our lives overlap in ways that no one else understands.  We become kindred spirits immediately.  I hear, understand and have walked much of your pain.  Some of you walk out of your bedroom every morning, already facing the effects of early childhood trauma, pain and loss.  It is hard.  It is SO HARD, and it can suck the life right out of you.

John Halcyon Styn is someone who gives me a nice kick in the pants from afar, quite regularly.  I'd like you to bend over and let him do the same today.  He is one piece of the puzzle I utilize to stay positive, smiling and finding joy after the bumpiest of bumps.  I genuinely feel this way about life, and it's not because I was wired for it or it's natural for me.  It starts with a deliberate effort.

"The degree in which you enjoy your life is vastly determined by where you place your focus.

Crap or cone?

Tattoo it to your forehead:  crap. or. cone?

If you need to pop back over for another little boost, just skip to about the 6:00 mark and don't stop until at least 9:00.  Or at least until you remember that you are still actually holding a cone!


Lisa said...

Christine, this is truly one of the best things I've ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing.

Jamie S said...

Thanks. :) I enjoyed this, "When you learn that the target zone to making your self happier, is not this (self) but it's multiplied times billions (others)."!!! Nice.

Mommy's Journeys said...

I know I tend to focus on all the PILES of crap around me, but his grandpa reminds me of my own and I know that My Gramps would say the same thing, "Look at the cone!" THANKS for sharing!

Nobody said...

This inspired me to eat TWO ice cream cones before for each hand. That's what we're going for, right?

Rose Deane Kinder said...

Halcyon said...

I'm so touched! And I loved your Temple reflections so much. Sending you a big, pink hug!!