Monday, October 22, 2012

I am not a raisin!

For those of you who are muddling through some tough days, remember that there are seasons.  You have survived others.  You will survive this one.  You are doing such a great job!  You will thrive.  I will thrive.  We will thrive.  Peace, love and Happy Monday!

"I know we'll be just fine when we learn to love the ride."
- Tim deLaughter

"You have to love the hell that you're in before you can leave. You're choosing to be there. Honor your choice, honor the strength, honor why you're there. This is what I see with a lot of people who want to bust out ... we punish ourselves for having to be there. You've gotta' eat. You've gotta' take care of your kids. Being there might be wise. It might be prudent. Love where you're at. Appreciate as much as you possibly can." - Danielle LaPorte

Sometimes there's not a better way. Sometimes there's only the hard way.”  - Mary E. Pearson

"I am Christine.

I will not shrivel up and die.

I am not a raisin.

- Christine Moers


johnsonweider said...

Wow, what great quotes. Really apropos to where I am at the moment.

jmc said...

Love the quote by LaPorte.

Kim said...

Love. And p.s. I'm catching up on your YouTube therapeutic parenting videos. Thank you. I needed that today. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your encouragement! I love the raisin comparison!