Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Magical Milk Pic-o-the-Week

Belanesh, 8, her twin brothers Endeas and Galatea and their mother, Kabiwish, 30, from the Wondogenet area of SNNPR

Belanesh: “I am here because I am hungry. My father is very sick and can’t farm. The babies are not well. My mother is not able to feed them properly. I carry one for her, while she takes the other. They are quite heavy and they cry. My stomach feels empty. Sometimes I am quite sad as I’m hungry. But I am trying to help my mother. I am also getting sick. The babies are coughing – they are not well.”

Kabiwish: “There is no milk in the breast for my babies. I feel a lot on myself. I have to support my husband. I am ill from malaria, but I am in charge of finding food for the house. There is so much more load on mothers and women. Women are more vulnerable in every way. We have to care for the family, and we do not have time to care for ourselves. Look around here at this centre. There are no men here to collect food, just women with their children. As I am breastfeeding, it is even an extra responsibility. Plan is giving me some extra food, to try to make me healthy enough to feed my babies.”

(photo by Plan International; used with permission)

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Tee said...

Heartwrenching. How angering that so many of us have more food than we need in our cupboards here in the U.S. and in other countries (and even other American homes) people, including breastfeeding women and children, are starving.