Monday, November 05, 2012

Three year dreadiversary

I've had these bad boys for three whole years!

Am I tired of them?  Nope.  About a month ago I had a huge desire to color them black or red.  Then I started to think about the maintenance (which is one of the things I don't miss about brushed hair).  It passed after a few hours and I went back to not thinking about my head.

Although, I'm sure I will do that at some point.  Maybe.  Yeah, probably.

I combed out some of my ends almost two years ago and dyed them.  Many of them are finally dreading up and nubbing off.  I like that they're so grown up, yet I still have some of my very, very split ends dangling. 

I have never loved my hair this much.  Funny, because I spend less time with it than I ever have.  Perhaps that was the problem.  It was always asking too much of me.  I needed it to be more of an equal partner instead of a child.  I needed it to be able to entertain itself on days my energy needed to be elsewhere.  Letting it dread has given me that.  There are many days in my life that I go all day and never look at or think about my hair.  At all. 

That's crazy. 

Crazy awesome.


MommaRalph said...

And they look so beautiful! They suit you! Maybe I'll have them someday....For me, the fear is eventually having to cut all my hair off to have it non-dreaded again. What maintenance do you do on your hair? Like, how often do you wash and how...?

Unknown said...

You can click on the "dreadlock" tag at the bottom of the post for everything I've written about them.

Nobody said...

When a girl comes to peace with her hair, the whole rest of the world doesn't seem all that daunting...