Monday, January 28, 2013

Setting goals for your Sexuary

As you make plans for Sexuary, I wanted to share some real goals from real people.  At the end I've thrown in a video where I retell my story and remind you just how much I used to be utterly disgusted with sex.

"My husband is counting down to Sexuary. He has big plans. I think if we get nekkid together at least once daily, that would be a win for me. However that all shakes out ...  And then of course there's the tub.  ;-)  I must say, that until this year, I would have voted February to be "the month I am least likely to be quoted on Welcome to My Brain"."

"we'll be doing sensate focus during sexuary. excited!"

We have gone through a fetish list and chose different ones daily to try and see how we like things...we are going for 28 days...wish us luck!"

"Thanks to my much-improved libido and [my wife's] encouragement, we will, for the first time ever, be participating in Sexuary!"

"alrighty....i stumbled on you/your blog last year around the sexuary time. i've followed ever since. love it! so, here is our plan (for the record - we sucked last year at this and this year, we are going to rock it with a PLAN!) sex has been the last thing on our mind all day with kids/work, etc. soooo, we are going to make it what we think about all day - 28 days-28 ideas. he gets 14, i get 14. they all go in a hat - no peeking. can be a location, a position, a toy, an 'act', something new, something old....whatever. each morning we draw one slip of paper out. something to ponder all day. anticipation should make this HAPPEN! i told him my thoughts on this last night....he was IN! so, for the next 1 1/2 weeks we are coming up with our secret 14 ideas.....i'll let you know how it turns out "

"[We] have decided to go for creativity! We are going to write down the many different things we would both like to try/do (kitchen table, hammock, butt, etc). Not sure if we are going to put ideas in a bag and draw or just see what happens."

"I really am going to try this month.  Hard.  Goal being sex 2x a week, and intimate moments, baths, massage, walks, holding hands, planned dates the other nights.  Damn you.  Ugh.  But this is good.  Ugh.  It's one of those things we have needed to work on forever ... but keep on pushing to the back burner, because there are so many other needs and things to be addressed.  Sad truth is, if we address our intimacy and ability to be vulnerable, naked emotionally and physically, many of the other issues would be so much easier to deal with."

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Kalen - Pure Romance by Kalen said...

I seriously could fall asleep to your voice, it's so calm and peaceful!

Thanks for sharing your story, I hope it encourages others to share theirs, even it's just with their partner.

Jess said...

This year is less "sick kid and hospital and stuff" than last year, but is still a little bit like that. We had a couple of months where sexy stuff slipped to the background (less than 3x a month) so we are making a concious effort to 2x a month. We are also at some point this month going to talk about the idea of perhaps maybe getting some poor sap to watch the oldest 5 kiddos while we spend some time together sometime in the future. Maybe. Babysitters are hard to come by once you have kids in bulk.

Jess said...

2x a WEEK I mean.