Monday, January 21, 2013

Sexuary - a history

For all my new friends who have entered my life in the last year ....

Once upon a time, Ed Young Jr. (pastor of a gigantuous mega church) challenged his congregation to have sex for seven days straight. He and his wife only made it six. They said so. On the Colbert Report. I looked at my husband (who was still a pastor at the time) and asked, "Have we ever done seven in a row? I mean, I don't think I've ever kept track, but I don't think so. And they only did six. The Ed Young Jr's. So, um, we HAVE to do seven!"

And we did. And we put out the challenge to everyone reading my blog, too. And then we HAD to do it.

And then it became an annual thing. It was called Sexperiment. Because that's what the Ed Young Jr's called it.

Some friends challenged us the next year, and started talking smack. Then it became a sex-a-thon throw down of which couple could have more consecutive days of sex. The missionaries in Haiti beat us that year. Oh, right. Did I mention that? It was HUMILIATING. Missionaries. IN FRIGGIN' HAITI! THEY ALSO HAVE MORE KIDS THAN US AND MALARIA AND CRAP!

Crushed us. Missionaries. *still shaking our heads in shame*

Then the Ed Young Jr's actually wrote a book last year called "Sexperiment," and I was all, "Um, NO. I will not make people think I'm a fan of these two." So, I put out a plea on FaceBook for a new name, and it took approximately 24 hours for someone to come up with Sexuary. Because it has taken over my blog during the month of February.

It has grown from a little challenge of "sex for a week straight!" to posts about vibrators and lube and last year's now infamous "Crossing Borders" post.

Last year Michael and I had sex for 31 days straight and CREAMED the Haiti missionaries. They were all sick and helping birth babies safely in a third world country, but we didn't care. We rubbed it in their Mother Teresa faces! Nya! Nya!

And that, boys and girls, is the story of Sexuary. This February, we invite everyone to join us. There is no one way to do it. It's about setting goals in the best way for you. Making sex better for YOU - whatever that means. More sex. Different sex. New toys. No toys. Faster. Slower. Upside down. Whatevs.

And also about humiliating missionaries.

The end.


Sharla said...

Love it! We're in!

Kalen - Kentucky Cupcake said...

This straight up ROCKS, sister. Emailed you about something related to it. :) My husband and I are in!

Dennis Nesser said...

Jenny and I are ready! Goals set, plans made, and supplies purchased. We are soooo in! Thanks for the encouragement.

C. T. said...

I am in. It is important to remind yourself that you have a partner that you love and care about. And it is just as important to remind yourself that you to are worth the time and the caring that you get in return.

wannabe said...

wanted to let you know that i learn more about sex from you than i ever did from school.

Anonymous said...

31 days?! Crazy!!

Marieke said...

Hey there is a reason february has 28 days! But this is the one blog my husban casually asks about Usually at the end of january. I guess we are in!

Paula said...

As soon as I show this to my husband, I know he will be in. We as a couple seem to be fine with the actual techniques of sex, but the dance that leads up to it actually happening seems to confuse us constantly. "You went to sleep! I thought we were going to have sex!" "Well, you didn't want to." "What??" We miss each others clues constantly, so just knowing we have to every single day will probably remove ALL of that.