Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The value of partnership

Today I posted the following.  I wanted to put it everywhere I could.  Not just to brag on the life partner I have, but to remind you that he didn't get this way overnight.  He has worked hard, and listened hard and participated HARD over the years.  And now it looks like this.

I'm about to walk out the door and be away from my five kids for five nights.

How many meal plans did I have to prepare? Zero.

Grocery shopping? Nada.

Prep cooking? Zilch.

Do I have concerns over whether or not someone will get poisoned via their food allergy or that the kids will not maintain their mostly plant-based diet? Nope.

How many hours have I spent writing out the details of what the kids need and their typical flow to their day and who needs to be where and when? Not one hairy second.

Is my heart palpitating over how the trauma triggers and subsequent behaviors will be handled? I have no doubt that even if it's not handled exactly the way I would, they'll all receive therapeutic responses.

Because when I leave, Dad will be here. And Michael Moers? He's 400% parent.

Michael, I know that you DO forget things and you DO totally let things fall between the cracks because this gig here is not your fulltime job (and I DO totally lose my sh*! sometimes and make you feel crappy when that happens). But today I can't deny the fact that even in that ... you are head and shoulders above many. I just sat and talked through some things with the kids, but found myself just saying over and over again, "Dad will be here. Dad will know. Dad will take care of that."

You're an amazing Dad.

You're an amazing husband.

You're an amazing man.

And as Lisa has said for years: you really should teach classes. :)


Quacken said...

It does take work, but it's so nice to leave knowing they can be alone with dad and just fine! There were times in the beginning I would have worried my tail off, but not anymore. As much change as the girls have had, so have we!

Blaine said...

Let's hear it for the Dad's! OK, so we'er eating a bit of junkfood here, but the little one the other night prayed "thanks that Dad is here to take care of me and that Mom could go on her vacation". Sweet!

oneinchofgrace said...

Great job Mr. Moers!

Lisa said...

Maybe if I keep harping someday he will hear me. :) Michael Moers = Rock Star

T & T Livesay said...

I love these Dads that are ALL IN (not talking about Sexuary) -- they are so great. We are lucky ladies.