Saturday, July 06, 2013

I hope I am way gooder

(this is me at Castle Hill Graffiti in Austin, Texas; photo taken by Michael Moers)

Last year I turned 40.

I went to Burning Man for my birthday.  Cause ... Burning Man!

It was seven months of a ticket lottery and planning and prepping and purchasing and saving and, and, and, aaannnndddd.

So, last weekend I turned 41.

Just regular 'ole 41.

I'm in my early 40's.  It's a grouping.

That just doesn't sound nearly as cool as 40.

I've done this dance before.  You turn 30 and it's all Over the Hill and crap.  It's a big deal.  And then you wake up a year later and ... you're 31.

Just 31.  Early 30's.  It's a grouping.

But I celebrated 41.  It was my birthday, yo.  I survived another year.  I didn't kill anybody or die or nuthin'.

So I celebrated me.  I celebrated the people in my life.  I celebrated getting older (because I frickin' love getting older).

I have absolutely no idea what I'll be adding to my Backward Bucket List this year.   I am sure, however, that there will be things under the categories of:

probably could've done without that
didn't see that one coming
you can't make this sh** up

I have signed up to run a half marathon.  I didn't fall into that one backward.  I made it happen.  Well, I made the registration happen.  Now I have to make my feet move that far.  If January comes and goes without a word, well ... you'll know.

I was inspired by my online friend, Austin, who referred to my 10K as a slippery slope to a marathon.  I scoffed.  Then he linked me to an article he wrote about his marathon experience.  He talked about his taint.  He has also written an actual book with an adoption theme which I never have taken the time to read and/or review.  He contacted me about that long before and it got lost in a pile of emails.  But here I am, finally linking to him after a google search for "Austin Wimberly taint."  Because I didn't bookmark the article.  And because that is what caught my eye and lit a fire under my butt.

*insert ambivalent emoticon here*

I'm sorry, Austin.  I'm sure your other thing is really good, too.  One day, I will read it.  Really.  The rest of you should totally check it out.  I'm guessing he doesn't refer to a perineum at all in the whole dang book.

So, where was I?  Oh, right.  41.

I look forward to getting even more smart by doing more dumb butt things and falling on my face.  I'm currently reworking some crap that has been deeply embedded in me for ... ever.  Hope that in another year I can look back and see that I didn't stall out.

This week a young child was talking about their step-siblings and declared, "Oh, they're way badder than we are!"  Heh.

I hope, in a year, I am way gooder.  Way smarter.  Way growner.


caroline marie said...

Love this! Inspirational as I turn 45 soon.

Jazmin said...

If I'm not mistaken, you and I share a birthday. Same day (or pretty damn close) and same year. I turned 41 on Wednesday. (ho hum day, ho hum age hrm.)

Anyhow, my 'turn 41, do something awesomely stupid, is not a marathon, but a mini triathalon. Here's to 41, it just keeps getting better!

No Man said...

Thanks, Christine!

You'll do great!

BTW, your intuition about my book is correct in that I never once mention the perineum. This, I suspect, is what has kept me off the New York Times bestsellers list. However, I've learned from my mistake, and I will prominently feature that part of the anatomy in my next book. They will call it "a taint-filled romp." "Best tour of a netherworld since Dante's Inferno."

Thanks again for the shout out.

Hedged in Beauty said...

I adore you!!!!!!!!

This month is the big 50 for me. It's the first birthday I've been a tad freaked over. Not that I dislike aging... I consider it a privilege. Hopefully one I'll wear gracefully. I'm really looking forward to next year where it'll just be five one.

Oh, no marathon for me, but I did move the gazelle to a more user friendly place. It squeaked when I used it. I got offended so working on thicker skin as I keep getting thicker being offended. ha.

Oh I wanna be like you when I grow up... burning men and half marathons!!!!

Much love to you and your beautiful family Christine!!!!

Jen said...

Good luck on your first upcoming half! I just signed up for my fourth - four days before my 30th birthday! It seemed like a good way to celebrate. :D