Sunday, October 13, 2013

You see you

This weekend I have had an amazing privilege of hearing and seeing people be bold. Those who find peace in openly questioning a faith that has been dictated to them. Those who say "I am okay in not knowing." Those who do not believe in any god daring to hear and find empathy, understanding and connection with those who do. Those who can be free to find, worship and grow in their faith outside the walls of a church, not because they are lazy or selfish, but because they are genuine. Those who are willing to find ways to respect people even when they don't respect the religion they practice.

Yesterday, in the middle of a heated conversation, I said what I absolutely believe to be true: "We all just want to do this right. And all of us genuinely care about people."

We're all just figuring it out, and the bravest people I encounter are those who are juggling their life in a world that wants to instill fear. They are finding peace, purpose and answers thoughtfully and slowly, instead of allowing the fear and anger of others to shove them in either direction.

And they are seeing people as people. As themselves.

What a privilege and honor to have so many of these people all around me.

"every day is a testament to the sediment of the earth's core
its ever spinning enormous force
so if you look at me just right you will see a spark of the source
but the most fascinating thing about this, and it's true
is that if you look at me close enough,
you see you"
- from "Exactly" by Amy Steinberg

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