Friday, February 21, 2014

On being naked

(photo by FOTOCROMO; used with permission)

There are so many way to be naked.  You can take your clothes off.  You can talk about feelings that you would rather avoid.  You can put yourself out there for a job or a date or a sex act, not knowing if you will be positively received.



Every Wednesday this month I have encouraged everyone to do a little Kick Your Ass Hump Day.  A lot of people participating in Sexuary have coined it Brave Day.

Have you been brave this week?  How can you get naked?

Here are just some of the things others have been doing:

Watched porn with their partner for the first time in years.  On a big screen TV. 
Dared to meet up with a crush for swimming.  In a bathing suit!

Took a dominant role in the bedroom to please a lover. 
Asked for help. 
Bought condoms and had a sex positive talk with their teens. 
Addressed a disagreement with a neighbor. 
Asked for a wrong to be made right.  And it involved money. 
Came out to someone close to them. 
Brought up fantasies with a partner. Gave them a safe space to be honest. 
Made safe choices and didn't choose to self-harm. 
Stated sexual concerns out loud to others and asked for feedback. 
Set boundaries with a family member. 
Told someone clearly that they would enjoy a physical relationship.

"And those things are what sexy truly is. Vulnerability is sexy. Trust is sexy. And no matter what we look like, or how flawed we are, vulnerability and trust makes us sexy both in and out of the throws of passion. At least in my opinion." - Let's Get Naked by Single Dad Laughing.

Think you could dare to try his little naked exercise?

If you're not up for getting naked literally, maybe find a way to be naked figuratively.

But literally is good, too.

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Erik said...

Gardened naked. We love the sunlight and the interaction with nature!