Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Therapeutic Parenting Resources

I have been working very hard the last few weeks to reorganize the things I have learned over the past six years, when it comes to parenting. My goal has always been to share. However I can.

As you would suspect, as my life has been pretty messy, my sharing has been pretty messy. Scattered. So, I have been putting a very deliberate effort into organizing and re-presenting it in a way that can be more easily searched and utilized.

On my coaching site, you will start to see all of my little nuggets show up under the "Blog" tab. If you've read me for some time, you will see some repetition of things I've posted in the past. However, I will be combining and fine-tuning much of it so that my site will be more of a clearing house for all things therapeutic. Over here at this blog, you will continue to read allllllllll about the rest of me. The sex. The violence ... heheheheh. Okay, just the sex. And the self-love and all that jazz.

In my spirit of sharing, I also want to point you toward some big changes I was able to make this month. Starting my own small coaching business has saved my sanity. I dream of being able to give myself away. I really do, because I'm muddling through the same stuff the rest of you are. I understand how it drains your brain and your finances. But the more I was giving myself away, the more I was suffering and exhausted. Therefore, my home was suffering. So, I have been able to function as a small business for over two years, continue to support people yet do so in a way where my own life and home do not suffer.

Great, right? Well, it has become even greater. I spent September trying out some new resources that have greatly decreased my work load. And what happens when the one-man-band doesn't have to spend so much time on the administrative/business side of things? They get to decrease their prices!

So, I am extremely happy to announce that I have a new fee structure. You can find it at ChristineParentCoaching.Com.

I want to continue to be one of the pieces of this giant puzzle, working to help our kids heal and live happy, productive lives. The experts keep saying that the true therapy happens at home. That means the caregivers must have support, and it has to be accessible and affordable! If you can ask for it, ask for it. If you can provide a piece of the puzzle, step out and provide it. We are changing our world, one home at a time. One child at a time. And it starts with those of us who are guiding and parenting them through it.


Wordy girl said...

The link appears to be broken.

Wordy girl said...

Oh, wait. Now it's working. Patience, Lynde.

Sally Bacchetta said...

"The experts keep saying that the true therapy happens at home." Ain't it the truth!