who the?

Christine Moers is weird.

Even her name is weird: Moers.

It does not rhyme with "mowers." Think: "s'mores." Moers. S'mores. Got it?

She married a guy named Michael in 1995. He lost his hair in exact proportion to the growth of her oddities. It is either that, or the break-up of D.C. Talk was enough to stress out his follicles. Probably both.

They grew the Moers family ginormous by the standards of most (teensie-tiny for the quiver-full folk). Their five children entered their home via adoption and, ya' know ... the other way. Each child has some sort of special need. Some are based on early trauma experiences. The rest probably have more to do with living life with such a dork mom and a super bald dad. That's enough to tank any kid.

The Moers own an RV park in south Texas and love to have a flow of people through their front yard on a regular basis. Michael teaches Robotics and Engineering Math at the local high school.

Michael and Christine are "therapeutic parents." That means they parent in a way that creates a healing environment for their kids who need that - setting them up for more success than failure. Through the years of getting less sucky at this type of parenting, they now help others do the same.

Christine has moved most of her therapeutic parenting blogs over to her coaching site. To see what she is up to, check out ChristineParentCoaching.Com

Michael and Christine "separated" in 2012, but continued on as housemates. The legally divorced in 2015, but have been coparenting and working to maintain a consistent home for their kids. You can read more about that here.

She may be quirky. She may be weird. Her family may turn heads every time they enter any public establishment. Yet, they are a home full of love, miracles and crazy determination to never settle for ... whatever.

(photo by Alicia Thiede)